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So my first day of therapy with a New therapist is Thursday and I’m nervous

Therapy with a New Therapist

I have a pretty bad habit of not telling my truth. Especially around people who are closed-minded. In my life, this has caused me a lot of pain and suffering. But now that I’m going to therapy, it’s time for me to start being honest with myself. And with my therapist too. So here are some things that might worry you about therapy:

I’m nervous because I’ve never been with this therapist before.

I’m nervous about my first day of therapy because I’ve never been with this therapist before. It’s like starting over with a new guy. Another person who has to get to know the real you.

Before I get into the details of what I expect, it’s important to understand what a therapist is and why people go. The goal of any kind of treatment or counseling is to help someone with their problems. It doesn’t matter if they’re physical or emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Therapists use many different methods depending on the situation at hand; some might focus on one specific problem while others may work together with several different types of problems at once.

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A psychologist uses psychological research as well as clinical experience to treat patients suffering from various issues like anxiety attacks (phobias), depression symptoms such as suicidal thoughts or self-injury behaviors like cutting wrists, etc., while psychiatrists provide medical care through medications such as antidepressants. Which can help relieve stress levels without causing side effects such as weight gain due to increased appetite during treatment cycles due

to decreased serotonin levels caused by depression medications).

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the process.

I’m sure you can relate to this. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, and I don’t know where to start.

The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to go about therapy. You just need to find someone who will help guide your through it. That’s what your therapist should be doing–helping guide you through the process of healing and growth in an intentional way that works best for both of you as individuals and as partners in recovery from trauma (or whatever else may be causing anxiety for you).

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I’m also concerned that therapy won’t work for me.

I’m also concerned that therapy won’t work for me. I’m nervous about this because it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, and therapists have different ideas of what approach works best for their clients. But, I know that the first few sessions will be about figuring out what makes sense for my specific situation and needs. Things like whether or not I’m ready to share something important with someone else or if there is something holding back the parts of myself that need healing.

I’ve been thinking about how much my life has changed since starting therapy (and how much better it is now). I used to feel lost in my own head all the time. Now I find myself often saying “thank god” when I get home from work because at least then there’s no pressure on me to think anymore! The progress made over these past months has been incredible. And even though I still have so much more work ahead of me before fully healed. It feels good knowing there are people out there who care enough about me as an individual. So they can help guide me along this journey towards self-care by listening closely enough when I need guidance.

But also – I’m excited to start working with a new therapist!

I am excited to start with a new therapist because I want to feel better. I’ve tried before and it didn’t work out, so now, with a new therapist and a new goal in mind. I’m hoping for different results.

I also feel like this will be an opportunity for growth and improvement in my life. Something that has eluded me thus far. It’s hard not to think of all the other people who have had success working with their therapists over time (especially since there’s such a high demand).

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Finally, while it might seem like there would be some kind of difference between one therapist compared with another (and maybe there is), my experience has been that they all basically do the same thing: listen while we talk about ourselves; guide us through our thoughts/feelings; help us figure out what we need help with most at that moment; give advice when asked for it directly by me or another member of our team.”

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Therapy can be beneficial, but you have to be honest and open with your therapist.

Therapy can be beneficial, but you have to be honest and open with your therapist. Therapy is a process of self-discovery that allows you to discover new ways of dealing with problems. It’s not like getting a prescription for medication or going on an antidepressant. It takes time! If you want more information about how therapy works, check out these articles:


I hope I have a great first session! I’m looking forward to working with my new therapist and getting better.

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