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I began writing at an early age as a way to escape this cray place we call life. It’s how I deal with my issues and gather my thoughts.  I love getting creative with this outlet while finishing up m degree. My friends would always come to me seeking advice on various situations because they knew I would give well, thought out answers but and dry.  This was a huge step for me since normally I struggle to open up to people. But I’ve been through so much in my life, that I feel the need to share my stories. 

Here is the thing: We all can save ourselves from hurt and pain by learning from others mistakes. That is why I started my blogging journey. And now, 3 years in, my blog Joi’s Journey of Perception has become an an extreme help to women of all ages. I enjoy discussing topics such as love and psychology. Here is what you’ll get, love , fashion, educational advice, and much more. Also,   100% honesty, humor, and much more.  Be sure to follow and check it out!


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I like to watches movies. I am a huge movie guru. I like to do all things outdoor, because nature is life. I dance, sings, read, write, and so much more.

I wanted to be a teacher, “superstar”, and Storm Chaser. Again with the nature aspect lol.

I hope to bring some sort of happiness to people. My mom didn’t name me Joi for nothing. 

Music is my outlet. I guarantee that I can find any song that express exactly how I feel at the moment. I then, light candles, write in my journal, and drink tea with honey.

I usually like move on from things. But you have to heal first. So, I would say situations where my kindness was taken advantage of. 

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I hope to inspire people especially women to be everything they want in life. I want to remind them of how amazing they are.

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