People who like to play the victim after being mean

Being mean

I don’t like to play the victim after being mean, but it sometimes happens. If you’re reading this and thinking that you like to play the victim after being mean, well I’m sorry to break the news to you: You’re not actually playing a victim. Victimhood is an archetype that has been around for centuries and the reason why people like you continue to do it because it’s easy. It’s not hard at all! It’s just a matter of consistently repeating one line over and over again until your friends get tired of hearing it anymore: “I’ve never done anything wrong.”

Take notes, because we’re going to be exploring this concept together today:

He likes to repent and tells you how much he regrets it

As a result of your confrontation, the person you confronted may feel guilty for his actions. Beware: this does not mean he actually regrets what he did. He might be sorry that he got caught and is now being punished for his wrongdoing, but there’s a difference between feeling guilty about getting caught because someone took action to call him out on it and actually regretting the act itself.

If you’re going to confront someone who has been mean to you and they apologize or seem remorseful, take their words with a grain of salt. They might be sincere in their apology, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t think what they were doing was wrong at the time—it just means they recognize that other people don’t like it when people are mean toward them!

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In conclusion…

He doesn’t care about your pain or discomfort

He does not care about your pain or discomfort.

He may say that he does, but his actions tell a different story. He is not concerned with your feelings, only his own. He is only concerned with his actions’ consequences when they affect him or benefit him in some way (or if they are inconvenient). If you feel hurt by his words or actions, it doesn’t matter to him. Because he didn’t do anything wrong and there was no malicious intent behind the action (in other words: “I’m sorry” means nothing).

He doesn’t care what people think of him. He knows that everyone will eventually accept him as long as he keeps playing the victim after being mean

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After another round of his tirade, he is apt to get back to normal with you

You may have heard the term “sociopath,” and you probably know that it’s a fancy word for someone who has no conscience. But there are different kinds of sociopaths, each with its own set of traits. For example, some people are more likely to play the victim card when they’re in trouble. Or when they’ve done something wrong (like cheating on their significant other). They’ll play the role of being hurt so well that they win sympathy points from others. Or at least avoid blame for their actions.

This person often ends up being an all-around jerk as well: They might say one thing but do another, lie all the time. And never take responsibility for any wrongdoing whatsoever. If there’s a pattern here (and there usually is), then it points toward narcissism. A form of personality disorder characterized by excessive self-love and grandiosity about achievements or talents.

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People with narcissistic personality disorder tend to be charming at first. But can quickly become controlling once they get what they want from you. This is how narcissists manipulate your goodwill into thinking that everything is fine between you two when deep down inside. It isn’t!


I’m sure you can see why people who play the victim after being mean are annoying. It’s not a great strategy for resolving problems, and it doesn’t make them look very good either. I hope this list has given you some insight. Into how to deal with these types of people in the future. And that if someone tries it on with you, they don’t get away with it!

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