5 Outfits from Each Character in Pretty Little Liars

5 Outfits From Each Character In Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars is a series about a group of friends who are trying to solve the mystery behind their best friend’s disappearance. Pretty Little Liars is an addictive show, and with all of the drama and backstabbing, it’s no secret that time was put into fashion. Today I want to talk about some of my favorite outfits from all of the girls. Here we are: 5 Outfits from Each Character in Pretty Little Liars.

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Hanna Marin

She is the stylish one. Her entire outfit was glitzy and pristine. Because they reflect the stage of her life at the time, I adored every single one of her dress choices. If you watch the show closely, you can see when she was experiencing heartache and insecurities. I thought Hannah had the greatest wardrobe on the show. No buts, ifs, or and.


Mona has a great mind. She wasn’t the only one, but in this case, she was the nerd. Once she gained popularity, her entire wardrobe consisted of that and more. She experimented with a variety of prints and blazers. Her clothing, in my opinion, was absolutely adorable. These are my choices even if there were several costumes I didn’t like.


My second favorite character was Spencer. She was intelligent herself. Despite the fact that she and Monte had many traits, their personal preferences were different. The way Spencer dressed reminded me of a posh private school student. She frequently donned blazers and blouses. and maintained her hair’s style. Her attire was quite adorable.


The group’s athlete is Emily. She is athletic but nonetheless a girl in a hurry. She wore T-shirts and miniskirts in profusion. I appeared to be the beach girl next door. Summer attire was not my style, especially when he wore it to formal events like prom or homecoming. I was another outfit, though, for which I wouldn’t necessarily bend over backwards.


Aria was the group’s most obnoxious member. She prefers to deviate from accepted fashion conventions. Regarding her attire, I’m not sure how I really feel. There were some days when the fits were amusing, and other days when it appeared that she was making an excessive effort to stand out. She also wore certain outfits that mixed those of a grown woman and a teenager.


Although she wore the same outfit for the majority of the first two seasons. I believe that her character may have benefited from some additional work from the costume team. Many of the clothes were rather plain. There were a few that you could get from Aeropostal or Hollister’s clearance rack.


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