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My Favorite Basic Pieces for Winter

Winter Pieces & Winter Fashion

Everyone knows that there are signature items that you should have in your closet. But do you know what they are? These items can create amazing outfits for any type of event. Have to love Winter Fashion.

  1. A neutral color Cardigan: This item will make it look like you put some effort in what you’re wearing. I know dressing in the Winter can be a drag, but this piece of clothing can be worn with a dress, a simple black skirt, dark-washed jeans, and so much more. This item is a necessity when it comes to Winter Fashion.

2. A pair of black jeans: Black jeans are one of the best items you can own. Black is a slimming color and if they are high-waisted the jeans will give you a shape. Black jeans also go with ANYTHING. When I say anything, I mean it. A dress blouse would go great with them, good hoodies, a great turtle neck, and so much more.


3. A Winter Scarf: This accessory is one of the top items you should have in your closet. I wear a scarf to keep my neck warm so I don’t get sick. However, I make sure they are fashionable. I like mine huge and colorful. The bigger the scarf, the bigger the style. It’s crazy because this is one of the many things that I did not like wearing when I was younger, but now I appreciate a good scarf.


4.  Booties: These shows are not only comfortable but they’re cute too. I have a pair of black booties and I wear them with jeans or with a dress for a night out. The heel is not too high, so my feet will not be killing me by the end of the day. Again I say get them in a neutral color so that you can wear them with anything.



5. A long Winter coat: I mean this is a given. In the Winter, your top priority is to stay warm. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a stylish way. When I was younger, I used to complain about having to wear a long coat, I just felt ugly wearing it. Now that I’m older, I appreciate these coats and how chic I look in them. These coats look nice with dresses and heels as much as they do with jeans and gym shoes. Get you one (a neutral color) sis.


Dressing in the Winter can be fun when you have the right items in your closet.

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