The idea of Beauty

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

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So, today’s topic, is about societies standards of beauty. Yea I know, deep sigh.It really sucks that many do not look forward to this conversation but it is one that needs to happen. Many know the various expectations placed on women, from morals to looks. It’s a lot of pressure causing many women to constantly pick themselves apart. Let me break down how societes standards of beauty afftect various cultures in a negative way. Societies standard of beauty has been that way since people started taking fashion seriously. Body type plays a role into what they consider beautiful as well and it is used as a scale of beauty to this day. It’s usually held towards women because the standard of beauty was created by man. Which sucks sometimes because people would use that to advantage.This is what society consider beautful 100%. This is who you are comapred to.

One thing society is picky with is weight. The size of the person that they find attractive. Body size is a huge topic that has been happening lately mainly ending with phobia. Although fat phobia is just thrown around it is an issue that many like to avoid talking about. When Lizzo was on the come up mini or not respecting her because of her size. She’s super talented but many couldn’t focus on her time because they were more focus on her side of her body. And her actions.

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

Lizzo Is very pretty but people are going to automatically compare people of color to white women starting with features.

I don’t like the way that there is a scale of what is considered beautiful and what isn’t. There are literally cultures that consider light skin more beautiful because it’s closer to white. This is tough because everyone with a light complexion benefit from that comparison no matter the race. In different cultures when it comes to advertising you literally only see the light version of that culture instead of all shades. For example Puerto Rican or black. It’s like you’re taking away someone to waste your skin. This was a concept that was create it back in the day when white people made decisions of what everyone thinks. Below you’ll find a link to a great explanation of that concept.  

Many don’t think this is an issue for the simple fact that they benefit from it. I don’t know if any of you heard of light skin privilege but is a thing and unfortunately it affects the corporate environment too. Most 10 to avoid this conversation because it makes them uncomfortable but that is because it’s not affecting them personally. 

You may be asking what colorism is:




  • 1.prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group:

Colorism affects a lot of communities and usually those who benefit from it do not see the issue with it. Either men or light skin. Light skinned people are more liked because their complexion is closer to white. Light skin people have the stereotypes of coming off as sweeet, soft, and feminine. While people with darker shades get the stereotype of being aggressive and mean.

The people from other countries that the media doesn’t show.

People tend to “forget” that there are multiple shades that people come in and it’s because their not “media worthy”.On travel brochures all you will see is people with a lighter complexion because that is what sells. This has been rooted in society for so long that it is going to take alot to get rid of this toxic way of thinking. It’s sad that alot of beauty brands are just now including those with darker skin but guess baby steps. Rihanna led the way with her brand and I appreciate that. We also can’t have our own people carrying out this toxic way of thinking. We as humans need to do better. What do you think? Have you ever expereienced mistreatment or witnessed it because of your skin? Let me know in the comments. In the next post I will dive deeper into how this affects those in the work enviornemtn or with the law.

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