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I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s post. I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter and creating amazing memories with the ones they love. I would like to welcome everyone to another post on Joi’s Journey of Perception.

Today’s post is about Spring cleaning your life. I did a post at one of my lowest post last year about Spring cleaning, that I will link below.

This year I would like to break down categories for Spring cleaning.

Many do not realize that when it comes to Spring cleaning, you should be cleaning put all aspects of life.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot

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Let us start with mentally. When it comes to life. We all know that it can be hard and stressful. I for one, know the mental health is important. So, for this Spring I think everyone should invest in a journal.

If possible, I think everyone should also go to therapy. Stop letting thoughts that you cannot control run in your mind all the time. Stress can affect you physically as well.

“Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.” – Unknown


So physically, besides working out. We all should get back to eating healthy. I am talking about portions control. You can still enjoy some of your favorite things, but make sure you are eating your fruits and veggies.

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“Sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right.” – Unknown


Exorcise your demons. We all need to let out what it is that we have been keeping in. Whether it is letting that special someone how we really feel, or expressing things to our families. Start expressing yourselves this Spring. Your feelings are valid.

Or put on one of your favorite sad Playlist and have a good cry.


Everyone has their own beliefs, so I advise you to focus one yours. Connect more with your belief.

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Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

How will you be spring cleaning your life? Let me know in the comments below. Also be sure to hit that follow button.

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