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Should Height matter?

Should height matter

This is a topic that you may have wondered about but has never had the courage to ask. I know that I have been curious about it, and so has everyone else. Let’s face it: people are very harsh when it comes to height. For example, if someone is taller than average, they will get bullied because of their height (or rather lack thereof). On the other hand, if someone is shorter than average then they might be teased for being too “anorexic”. Or whatever other mean-spirited comments there are out there. So what’s the deal with height? Should you care about how tall or short you are? Well… yes and no!

What is the ideal height for a woman?

Just like you, I have been wondering about this for a long time. So I asked my friend who is 6’4″ what he thought. He said that he would like to be a little shorter. But he has had no problems finding dates or even girlfriends because of his height. It’s not as if they could reach him otherwise!

Should height matter when it comes to dating

Height is also not the only thing that matters in dating. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, height is not the most important factor. There are other factors like personality and compatibility that are more important than physical attributes when it comes to dating. So if you’re shorter than your guy, don’t worry about it! It’s just one of many parts of who he is and how much he cares about you

I want to say something in the way I talk to my friends

I am aware that this is a strange issue, yet it frequently arises when a woman is out on the dating scene. Extremely, women claim that they require a man to be at least 6 feet tall. Being 5’2 and short myself, I personally don’t agree with that because height isn’t my primary concern.

The crucial aspects, like his character and his life goals, are what I care about more, but that’s just me. Since I’m not very tall, I can’t say how tall girls will feel about dating a man who is shorter than them or how difficult it will be for them to find a taller man. Everyone has their preferences, and most girls are following the fad of dating a guy who is 6 feet or taller. However, should they consider this, especially if his height begins with a 5?

Personally, I think that if a woman is going to be picky about a man’s height, she needs to be prepared for the possibility of him being picky about her weight. Before you get offended, think about it.  We know that many if not most women can be very insecure when it comes to their weight, but does she ever question if men are insecure when it comes to their height?

We need to start taking responsibility for the way we approach things. We can’t be the pots calling the kettles black. It is okay to have a preference for a guy but be realistic with those preferences. You could be blocking a really great guy. I’m not saying to go completely opposite of what you usually like, I’m just saying to broaden your preferences, and once in a while try something new. Who knows, your Mr. Right could be 5’4.

Tips to my short guys!

  1. Have confidence! The confidence will stand out more than your height. Most of the guys I was impressed by were under 5’7. Keep your head up, guarantee it will get you far.
  2. Dress for your height. I will do a post for this another day because some of you make yourselves look shorter based on how you dress.
  3. Stop focusing on your height. Honestly, you all make it worse for yourself. Show people that it’s not important and women will realize that it’s not important.
  4. Embrace your shortness. You may have other features that make you the goat.

Should height matter in your life

Contrary to what you may have been told, height is not important. You may be thinking that height is an indication of health and fitness, but this isn’t true. Just because someone is tall doesn’t mean they are healthier or fitter than someone who isn’t as tall.

Height shouldn’t matter when it comes to your partner or your friends either. It’s easy for people who are short and overweight to look at a tall, slim person and think “they’re perfect” because of their body type. They also assume that the person’s personality matches their body type; but this isn’t always true either!

So instead of focusing on whether someone is taller than you or not, focus on the things that really matter: character traits such as kindness and compassion; intelligence; humor; etc…

are you too tall

Okay, so you’re tall. Maybe you’re 6 feet tall and have to look down at other people. Maybe you’re 5’10” and have to duck under doorways and stand in the back row of movies. Maybe you’re 6’4″ and get regular comments about how tall you are.

But does height matter when it comes to dating? Should it matter in your life? Or should we just throw out the concept of height altogether? In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not height should matter when it comes to dating — and what can be done if someone is too short or too tall for their partner’s liking.

are you too short

So what does all this mean for you? If you’re below 5’9″, your dating life, professional success, and general happiness may be in jeopardy. According to research cited by the New York Times, men who are shorter than average have a harder time finding romantic partners than their taller counterparts—regardless of how wealthy or handsome they are. This is because height correlates with dominance, which is highly attractive to women (and everyone else).

The same goes for getting jobs and promotions: if you’re short, it’s harder to convince people that you deserve them. In one study conducted by the University of Maryland and cited in the Harvard Business Review article “Why A Short Guy Can’t Get A Job” (which is worth reading if this topic interests you), researchers found that taller job candidates were more likely to get interviews than shorter ones with equivalent qualifications and experience.

And let’s talk about mental health issues: according to research conducted by Stony Brook University psychologist Dr. Timothy Judge (also quoted in the Harvard Business Review article), men who suffer from depression tend to be shorter than their healthy counterparts. This makes sense when we consider how common it is for depressed people (including myself) to feel isolated or unloved due to our behavior patterns—behaviors which might include avoiding eye contact or speaking up in social settings out of fear of rejection from others around us due to our perceived inability as leaders/role models/etcetera

being tall can be a disadvantage

The advantages of being tall are obvious. You’re more likely to get a job at your favorite restaurant or be chosen to play basketball on the school team.

But there are disadvantages as well. For one thing, people who are very tall can have problems finding clothing that fits them properly. This is especially true if they’re still growing and their feet haven’t caught up with their bodies yet!

Taller kids also sometimes have trouble sitting in regular chairs at school because their legs don’t fit under them comfortably. But lucky for them (and you), there are special stools that let you sit without bending your knees too much!

If none of this has convinced you yet about how important height can be when it comes down to getting ahead in life… well then maybe nothing will! But don’t worry too much about it: just focus on what makes YOU great instead of worrying about whether someone else might be taller than YOU someday

the advantages of being tall

If you’re the average height (5’9″) or shorter, you may be convinced that being tall is a curse and that the only advantage is that you can reach high things without asking for help. But being tall has its advantages as well—and not just in terms of reaching for things.

Here are some of the benefits of being tall:

  • A greater chance of becoming successful in your career
  • More options when it comes to dating
  • A more diverse social circle
  • An easier time finding clothes in stores

advantages to dating someone tall

  • Tall people are more confident

Tall people are more likely to be outgoing, confident and self-assured than their shorter counterparts. Taller people have a greater chance of achieving success in many areas of life, including education and work. They also feel they are more attractive and are better able to attract partners because they make other people look smaller in comparison.

  • You will look taller too with your partner

Many women say that when they see their partner with someone who is shorter than them, it makes them feel insecure about their own height because the couple appears mismatched or unbalanced (this does not apply if you have a very tall boyfriend!). In addition, the perception of height can be altered by context; for example if you’re standing next to someone who is wearing high heels or has long hair then your height may appear greater than it really is!

This means that men who aren’t particularly tall may appear taller than average if their partner wears flats instead of heels when out together – so don’t worry if she thinks she might end up looking short compared with her guy! Also remember: as we grow older our bodies shrink slightly due to age so even though we might not get any taller now doesn’t mean we won’t do so later down the line!

How good can teamwork be when you are both tall?

If you’re short and you’ve ever had to lift something heavy, like a shelf or a fridge, you know that it’s not easy. It can be downright dangerous. Partly because of the weight but also because of the awkwardness involved in trying to lift it without hurting yourself or someone else. A tall person can help with these things:

  • You can look down on people when they’re talking about something stupid (and not just because of their height).
  • They can reach things for you if they aren’t busy being distracted by themselves or their own thoughts.
  • They’re pretty much guaranteed never to feel small in any situation.
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Some people are harsh about the height

You know what’s not fair? When people judge you based on your height. Especially if they use it as an excuse to say that you can’t possibly be a good partner or person. You can be a great person and date even if you’re short! Some people who are smaller than average might feel like they don’t deserve love or respect because of their height. But these kinds of thoughts are totally untrue, and it’s important that we all remember this as human beings with feelings.

Some people may look down on shorter individuals because they think that there is no way for them to get taller (or larger in general), when really there are many things you can do if your body isn’t growing at the rate other people’s bodies are growing at (like taking supplements, which we’ll cover later). Even if someone doesn’t grow another inch after puberty, who cares? As long as they’re healthy and happy and have good friends to support them through life. Then why does it matter whether or not someone grew by 10 inches since birth?


Being tall has its advantages. It is easier to reach things that are high up in the closet, you can see things from a distance, and so on. However, if you are too tall then there may be disadvantages. Such as, being unable to fit into some clothing stores or having difficulty fitting into seats at restaurants

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