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Today is all about fashion It is Spring my loves. The sun being out makes me so happy. So happy the wicked witch is dead.

I feel like everyone is in such a great mood now that seasonal depression is wearing off.

What better way to celebrate than showing you guys some of my Spring hauls? For those of you Who are new. I love telling you about it. What new trends I’ll be rockin, my favorite looks, and anything else to do with fashion. So, if you want to check out a few more fashion posts, I’ll link them below. Also, if you are new here, be sure to subscribe to my page and join the family. Without further ado, these are my favorite Spring pick-ups!

white rabbit wearing yellow eyeglasses
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Two Pieces

This Spring I am rocking a lot of sets. This makes it quick and easy for me to find something to wear and get dressed quick.


I will be wearing pastels. I love pastels. They remind me of Easter.


I will be wearing more patterns. Things that will have you feeling like you’re in Hawaii.

The Home For Our Farm.
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My favorite pieces

What are your favorite colors to wear in Spring? Let me know in the comments below. Remember do not forget to like, subscribe, share, and follow Joi’s Journey of Perception. Also, to those who already following, do not forget to send me questions or topics you want me to talk about. I do keep your name anonymous and my answers are nonjudgmental.

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