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My Favorite Music/ Artists and Why: White Noise Wednesday

For me, music is the way to my soul. When I was younger for about 12 to 13 years I was dancing. I also was in show choir and chorus as well. Music was a way that I could express myself when I didn’t have the words to say. My taste in music is always been huge. I like Mozart but I also like 2Pac. Each artist has helped me through a stage in life that is hard to explain. So I can’t get every artist in this blog post, however, I am going to introduce you to some artists that means a lot to me. Some may surprise you, and someone. So below are my favorites.

Mariah Carey

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Mariah Carey fan! I feel like her pen game is one of the best in the industry. These are a few of her songs that are number ones as well as ones that I feel are not appreciated as much! I feel like you should check them out let me know what you think about them. It’s on tells a story of a certain time in her life so if you know her well then you’ll know which album goes with which article she had to conquer.


Although she has not given us any music in a while! I feel like her music is timeless, so you can listen to her music at any time and still feel like it was just put out. I love how each album was a stage in her life and her career. She is known to give us a different feel every album. I love her music. I want to see if you can guess which album is my favorite let me know in the comments below.

Leona Lewis

This is an artist I feel as unappreciated in the industry. Her albums got me through a lot when I was in high school. You know how you thought that you were going to last with that high school boyfriend or you were just feeling lonely at that time. Well there are some songs for you on her albums and her voice is chefs kiss.

Whitney Houston

We all know she has the greatest voice of all time. And we all know her number ones! Have you taken a chance to listen to some of her underrated songs? Well I put a few on this playlist and I want you to sit back and listen to the different ways that he uses her voice in the songs. Then you’ll understand why she was rated the greatest of all time.


This is another undercover voice in the industry. For a while mini Black people thought that she herself was black. That’s how soulful her voice is. This is an artist I feel you should check out. Because like many others, her voice and her songs do tell a story as well. And you can feel the pain when she’s singing certain songs.


A lot of you may not understand what she’s talking about in her songs but just her voice alone will keep you interested in her music. Although she’s not with us anymore she’s giving us music that will last for a lifetime. I want you to check out Salinas music and let me know which song was your favorite in captured your heart. Remember you listen with your heart and your ears.


I use music to communicate until a lot of these songs were how I was able to communicate with other people doing to sit situation to my past. I wanna know what is your go to song right now and is it because there is a certain reason you’re listening to it. We all have different states and I like in the music changes along with it. So let me know in the comments what is your favorite song right now. I hope to see you on tomorrow’s post! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow and share this password a friend who can use someone music on the playlist.

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