Ranking Mariah Carey Albums (you won’t guess Number 1)

If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you’re gonna make it happen.Mariah Carey

What’s up guys! Welcome Back!

I wanted to switch up white noise Wednesday a little. Joi’s Journey of Perception is doing an early white noise post in honor of Mariah’s Memoir book release. In today’s post, I’m ranking Mariah Carey’s (one of my favorite artists) albums. I will be doing this next couple of weeks for different artists. 

I’ll start with my least favorite album and work my way up! I’ll also name my favorite song of each album! 

So start with my least favorite:

Now, don’t get me wrong! It was really hard for me to ranks these albums but I would have to say that Caution is my least favorite. I just can’t listen to the album all the way through. There were maybe three songs that I like about this album.

Favorite song: With You

This album was relatable but again…Would I play it all the way through at this point in my life with no skips? Probably not. 

Favorite song: Cry

Honorable mention: Betcha’ gon Know

So the next few are hard because I am a Lamb.🐑 it’s more difficult than picking a nail color. But let’s get into it.

Now I get it! This is her debut album. And there are some golden songs on here, but it’s not my favorite. I was introduced to her with this album from my mom. This is how the world met her. She sang her butt off let’s be honest. 

Favorite song: Vision of Love ( that’s a given)

So I thought this album was super vulnerable and had a handle of amazing songs. There are lot of people who forget about this album and the penmanship. Personally, I think she called this album Charmbracelet because each song has a meaning. You know how each charm has a significance on a charmbracelet. 

Favorite song: Bringin’ on the Heartbreak 

So as a child, my mom played this album but you know I just liked the voice. I couldn’t really appreciate the lyrics until I went through what she was talking about. For example the song “And you don’t remember”. Yea, I felt those lyrics on a Spiritual level! But when I was younger they didn’t hit. The album is called Emotions for a reason! 

Favorite song: If it’s Over

I told you the higher I get in this ranking the harder it would be. This album brings back soooo many memories. A lot of these songs include lyrics I hold dead to my heart! “If you should ever need me

Unfailingly, I will return to your arms

And unburden your heart

And if you should remember”

Mariah references title of her songs in a lot of her songs, one thing I love about her.

Favorite song: Always be my Baby

Honorable mention: When I saw You

This album is so relaxing. The tone of each song and the lyrics remind me of a mother trying to soothe her child. This album makes me cry especially because I remember the song “Hero” and practicing it for the talent show with my mom. Memories I will never forget.

Favorite song: Just to Hold You Once Again

Honorable mention: Without You

It’s kinda like being on a roller coaster. If you don’t get on the ride, you won’t experience the adventure. – Mariah Carey

I mean Christmas is like my favorite time of year. Both of these albums are filled with gems. Classics that everyone knows. I had to throw these in. I listen to Christmas music year-round and have no shame.

Favorite song: OH come all ye Faithful!

Honorable mention: Miss you most at Christmas 

I appreciated this album more in my teen years and a few songs now. There is a rainbow 🌈 at the end of every heartbreak  and this album goes through every emotion of a heartbreak.

Favorite song: Crybaby

Honorable mention: Heartbreaker

Now, it’s hard for me to pick a song on this album because it’s gold. I played this a lot in my college days because the songs just speak what I was feeling during certain situations.  

Favorite song: I wish you well

Honorable mention: For the Record And Last Kiss

Let’s talk about this album that people don’t give enough attention to. Like what is wrong with people? This is the album you play on a girls night. This is the album you play after you’ve finished grieving a heartbreak.  This is what you play to remind yourself of who you are! Oh, you don’t want me? Cool, I have options!

Honorable mention: It’s a Wrap

Favorite song: More than Just Friends 

Now we all know this is my favorite movie of all time. Underrated and I’m not surprised. People don’t know a good thing when they see it. My mom got me this movie and we watched it all the time. I can say the movie verbatim. The album has such vulnerable songs that I can relate to. I watch this movie and list to the album at least twice a month.

Favorite song: Lead the Way (my future wedding song)

Honorable mention: Reflections

My all time favorite. If you know you know. This album is a classic and my kids will listen to it at least once in their life. Listen to it all the way through and you will see why.

Favorite song: Butterfly (Obviously)

Honorable mention: The Roof

Let me know what you guys think! Are you a fan? What’s your favorite album! I really look forward to next weeks artist! Can you guess who it is? Be sure to check out my other post and subscribe.

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