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Mean things Said During Arguments

Mean things Said During Arguments Cannot be Taken Back

I have a friend who is married to someone who constantly argues with her. The other day, my friend told me that she can’t take back some of the mean things that her husband has said when arguing with her. And I’m kind of interested in this topic. Because it’s something that happens all the time but no one ever talks about it! Verbal abuse is real.

There are things that people say to hurt each other during arguments.

There are things that people say to hurt each other during arguments.

You may want to take back the mean things you said, but it’s impossible for you or for anyone else. You can’t erase what has happened because of your words or actions. And there is no undo button for most situations in life. It’s not something that will go away just because you think about it all day long. Instead, try being more careful with how much information comes out of your mouth next time around!

Mean words can sometimes be worse than physical abuse

It may be tempting to think that mean words are just as damaging as physical abuse. But there are some important differences between the two.

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  • Verbal abuse is harder to identify and leaves you feeling helpless. Many people who have been abused physically don’t realize it until much later on, when they’re already in the thick of things—or else they don’t want to admit it (which can be part of why people with PTSD feel so stuck). But verbal abuse happens more quickly and doesn’t leave any visible marks on your body or face; if someone says something horrible to you, all they’ll see is a hurt expression on your face! And since it’s a non-physical kind of violence, there’s no way for an outside observer (or even your partner)to know what happened without asking questions like “why did he/she say such mean things?”
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It can take months or even years for the pain of verbal abuse to go away.

As someone who has been verbally abused, you know that it can take months or even years to get over the pain. It’s not just about the physical scars you have on your body. Verbal abuse is much worse than physical abuse because it affects your mental health as well. When someone says something hurtful to us and we don’t want to hear it. We can feel like our feelings are being attacked by them and attacked back at us. This leads many victims of verbal abuse into depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Which may even require treatment by a therapist or psychiatrist.

The best advice I can give anyone who has experienced this type of behavior from others is: Don’t let anyone say anything negative about how they feel! If someone wants an argument with you then don’t give them one!

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You need to accept that you won’t be able to take back what you said during an argument.

You cannot take back what you said during an argument. In fact, it’s best not to even try. You can apologize for saying it and make amends if that’s what the other person wants. But this isn’t the same as taking back what you said.

If you realize that your words have hurt someone and they want to move on with their life without any further interaction between the two of you (or maybe even just some time apart), then perhaps there is room for forgiveness here. Only if both parties are willing to forgive each other for whatever happened during that conversation or argument.

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If nothing else works out well enough between two people who were once great friends. But now aren’t speaking at all anymore because of one momentary lapse in judgment by either party involved in this situation. Then perhaps we should all just learn from our mistakes instead of beating ourselves up over them forever after!

You can take steps to better your communication skills when arguing with someone.

As you can see, the best way to avoid being yelled at is to be honest about your feelings. That means being straightforward and upfront in conversations, rather than trying to hide behind false bravado.

If you’re going to make a personal attack against someone (and I don’t mean “I’m sorry that I broke up with you,” because if they were still your boyfriend or girlfriend then they wouldn’t seem so much better), try not using swear words or insults like “stupid” and “idiot.” You may think it’ll make you look cooler by saying something profane, but those words are actually very disrespectfu. They’re offensive and can often be used as insults themselves!

Another tip: Don’t raise your voice when arguing either. If someone says something offensive (or even just plain dumb), don’t yell back at them—it only makes things worse! Instead of acting like an angry child who’s been told not to hit their siblings on Santa’s lap this year (which would make sense given how much time children spend with their parents throughout December), take deep breaths before responding calmly instead.”

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Try not to say mean things during arguments because you can’t erase what someone says.

You can’t take back what you said in an argument.

It may be easy to think that if the other person says something mean. Then nothing can be done about it. But this is only true if the statement was said by accident and meant no harm. Even then, some people still find it difficult to forgive or forget.

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What someone says during an argument can be very hurtful because they have been thinking about how best to express their feelings towards you for years on end (and sometimes decades). When your partner calls you names or tells stories about how much better off they are. Without having anything at all going on between them and their partner. It becomes harder and harder not only for them but also for yourself as well!


You can’t take back mean things you say during an argument. But it’s important to work on your communication skills so that you don’t make those same mistakes again.

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