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Make Sure your Words Align with your Actions

Actions match words

Being a person of integrity means being consistent and persistent. It’s about practicing sincerity and thoughtfulness toward others. It means aligning your words with your actions, so that if someone asks you to do something, you actually do it. And not just because they asked you nicely but because it really matters to them.

And while this may sound overly simple or even like common sense, in my experience, few people have mastered the art of being truly consistent and persistent when interacting with others. In fact, some people actively avoid doing so! They’ll say one thing but do another. They’ll take a path that appears promising at first glance but doesn’t lead anywhere good at the end (which reminds me: please don’t try this at home).

Be consistent.

It’s important to be consistent in your actions, or else you may end up like the people who are “always late.”

Consistency is key in all areas of life—especially relationships and business. You must be able to uphold the same standards for yourself, no matter what role you’re in. This is not easy because it can be boring and uneventful at times. It’s necessary if you want to achieve success.

If your partner is willing to go out every night with their friends until 3:00 AM. Despite being tired during the day, they will eventually find themselves alone more often than not. Because they aren’t being consistent with their actions or words!

Be persistent.

Do you know what’s better than persistence? Nothing. That’s right, nothing is better than persistence. You can do whatever you want in life if you just keep at it and don’t give up.

Think about all the great things that were accomplished by people who kept going. Even when they were told they couldn’t do it:

  • Abraham Lincoln had his pants cut off by bullies while walking home from school, but he kept going and became president of the United States!
  • Christopher Columbus sailed 500 miles out into the ocean before turning back. Because he thought he was lost. But then went on to discover America! And now all Americans have access to affordable health insurance coverage because of him!
  • The Wright brothers flew their first airplane for less than 20 seconds before landing safely in front of an audience lacking any sense of perspective or historical awareness whatsoever. Nevertheless, this achievement continues to inspire generations of aviation enthusiasts around the world!

Make sure your words match your actions.

Make sure your words align with your actions.

The easiest way to make this happen is by being consistent, persistent and sincere. Practice these three things in all of your relationships and you will be surprised by how much easier it will be for people to trust you.

Practice being consistent, persistent, and sincere with others to improve your relationships.

When it comes to relationships, we’re all striving for consistency. We want to be able to trust that the person we’re talking to is being honest with us and vice versa. In order for your words and actions—and thus your relationship—to be consistent, you need to be persistent in pursuing what you want as well as sincere about how you feel about things. You can’t just say whatever will get a reaction out of someone or just do whatever seems convenient at the time. If you want an honest dialogue with someone else and the best possible outcome from your interactions together, then they must know they can count on what they hear from you being true each time they speak with one another again.

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For example: let’s say Jane wants more attention from her husband Tim. But doesn’t know how else than by asking him directly every few days if he could spend more time together outside of their home (which isn’t really much). Instead of being honest about what she wants out loud so that he knows exactly where she stands on this issue. And whether or not she thinks something needs changing between them. Jane keeps putting off asking until eventually giving up altogether. Because each time she brought up needing more alone time together was met with resistance due largely in part due

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There is no magic formula for effective communication. There are no shortcuts to becoming a better communicator. It’s just a combination of experience, trial and error, good intentions, and hard work that will get you there.

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