Let’s Get Real about Crying

The worst feeling is wanting to cry but having to hold it in because you’re in public.

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Many people believe that crying indicates a bad week, yet the contrary is actually true. I’m not sure who first said that being vulnerable makes you stronger. That was egotistical. People used to urge me to quit crying when I was younger because it doesn’t solve anything, I recall. It is awful that so many folks my age have experienced the same thing. Trauma from previous generations affects all of us.

My grandma talk to me one day and she said something that has been on replay in my mind cents. “Joi, you haven’t been yourself in years, “. Exactly, life has changed, and I know I shouldn’t let it, but life has caused me to be jaded. I literally set time aside parentheses in private parentheses, to make myself cry. What was said in my early childhood, still affects me to this day...

It’s getting Dark in this little heart of mine.

Only my best friend Angel and a few other friends are aware of this, but I avoid talking about my sentiments since I don’t want to become sad and start sobbing. I’ll just brush it aside and shake it off, which is bad because I’ll eventually blow up. I’m currently working on this.


We all need to remind ourselves that happiness would be the only emotion we were allowed to experience if we were solely designed to be happy. I’m realizing that I don’t have to be in control all the time. Life has a sense of equilibrium. Yin and yang, you remember. There will be ups and downs to it. Some of the strongest people you might ever meet are those that are vulnerable.

It’s hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind.

Emotions are normal at the end of the day; I’m not saying it needs to be done in front of others, but if it is. It’s alright. I sincerely hope you liked this article! Would you describe yourself as jaded, in your opinion, guys? Tell me in the comments section below. Remember to share and like this content.

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With All That Said

It’s okay to cry. You should never feel guilty about doing so. Sometimes it’s okay to cry, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show that side of your personality to the people in your life. Crying is a natural response and expression of pain or sadness. It can be helpful in letting out emotions that may be too strong to express otherwise.

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