Can a Guy and Girl be “just friends”?

Besides mutual admiration, the first requisite of Platonic friendship is a subtle trace of disdain.

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By that title, you know things are about to get interesting. Before I start, I first want to say, if you are new to my page, thank you for taking the time to check it out! I like to write about topics that many get uncomfortable talking about. You can only understand these topics by making yourself uncomfortable and speaking about them. I also write about what I am personally going through, you get to go on this journey called life with me.

Let’s get started on today’s topic at hand. I know it seems silly, but you’d be surprised. Can a guy and girl be just friends?? You’re probably thinking that the choice is black or white. Or that it is a simple answer. I think there is a grey area in this matter.

“We look at each other a little too long to be just friends “

My opinion is that it is possible to be friends with someone of the opposite sex. You can when you have a certain level of maturity. Those lacking in maturity will push the boundaries to get out of the “friendzone”. I bring up boundaries because that plays a role in all types of relationships. The way I feel that those of the opposite sex can be in a platonic friendship is if they both are a mature man and woman and their intentions of being just friends are genuine. They can be friends like two adults.

Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.

― Bertrand Russell

The way I could see an issue is when, for example, if two people dated and the relationship ends and one person gets into another relationship. If one person from the previous relationship still has any type of emotion towards the other person, it is impossible to be just friends and could put the new relationship in jeopardy. 

I’ve been wondering if in fact ideal platonic love isn’t just an intensely concentrated form of what inspires the best teachers.

― Edmund Marlowe

You know that ex that states that they just are “checking on you” or “just want to be friends”. Yea, they may say that “sweet stuff”, meanwhile they’re plotting to get back with you. Being friends with an ex can work but it sometimes does not work out, because someone ends up still liking the other. Which is why the new partner usually suggest keeping your distance from the ex for a while until those feelings are forever gone.

There have been situations where I was curious about the person I was dealing with ex. Their actions were giving me vibes that one was still feeling the other and that wasn’t a good place to be in. Because I know people’s intentions if they still want someone. I can explain what I mean, if you want to know, let me know in the comments below.

So in the end, yes I believe that MEN and WOMEN can be just friends. When maturity is not involved, of course, one is going to want the other and they are going to always think there is a chance. Trust me I know several guys who place girls in the friend zone as the “just in case”, you know the backup plan. They don’t really think of the girl as a friend for their benefits (karma will get you btw). What do you guys think? Can two people of the opposite sex be platonic friends? Let me know below!

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4 thoughts on “Can a Guy and Girl be “just friends”?

  1. Well said. I definitely believe from a guy’s perspective it is possible to be friends with another woman. However, like you were saying maturity on both ends needs to be established.

    If a woman is my friend she’s strictly my platonic friend. That would mean absolutely nothing sexual, not even grinding at the club after too many drinks or testing the waters. That’s an absolute no!

    Without that being established both parties won’t be able to be just friends. It’s sad because in Western Civilization sex always gets in the way and makes friendships pretty awkward!

    Thanks for sharing!

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