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How to respond to shady people

How to respond to shady people

We’ve all come across shady people. They’re the ones who want everything to be about them and will do anything to get attention. These are the people who will interrupt you, hog conversations, and take credit for your ideas without ever giving you proper credit in return. It can be exhausting dealing with these types of people, but it’s possible to respond calmly when they try to rattle you or make you feel bad about yourself. Here are six strategies that’ll help keep your cool in any situation:

Don’t react in anger.

The world is full of angry people, and they’ll probably never stop being angry. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll encounter some jerk who wants nothing more than to ruin your day–and maybe even your life.

So how do we deal with these toxic individuals? Well, first and foremost: don’t let them get under your skin! Don’t react in anger; instead, try to remain calm at all times–even when someone is hurling insults or threats at you (which happens a lot). This will keep them from getting any power over how you feel about yourself or how much time/energy/money they take away from what really matters in life: family friends pets hobbies passions hobbies hobbies hobbies

How to respond to shady people
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How to respond to shady people
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Respond with a smile, a joke or silence.

If a person is attacking you, there are several ways to respond. One option is to ignore them and walk away. Another option is to use humor as a way of deflecting their negativity. Finally, you can choose not to respond at all–this might be the most effective way of dealing with someone who’s trying to make you feel bad about yourself or your situation.

  • Ignore their comments: If someone says something mean-spirited or upsetting, try not responding at all by simply walking away or changing the subject.*
  • Respond with a joke: If possible, come back with an equally funny comeback.*
  • Respond with a smile: Smiling at someone when they’re being rude can help diffuse tension and bring positive energy into the situation.*
  • Remain silent (or don’t engage): Sometimes it feels best just not engaging in conversation at all–especially when dealing with someone who seems like they want nothing more than an argument.*
How to respond to shady people
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Make your exit before you lose your temper.

  • Don’t engage if you are angry.
  • Don’t be rude, but don’t let them drag you into an argument.
  • Don’t give them any more attention than they deserve.

Set boundaries for how you will interact with difficult people.

It’s important to set boundaries for how you will interact with difficult people. For example, you might decide that you won’t engage in arguments with them or allow them to control your emotions. You also might decide not to let them drag you into their drama and bring you down.

You may find it helpful to make a list of things that are off-limits when dealing with shady characters (e.g., “I won’t let anyone insult my friends/family”). And then add some positive affirmations about yourself as well (e.g., “I am strong enough not let someone else’s opinion affect me”).

You can be calm, honest and kind when responding to people who are not

There’s a reason the phrase “the Devil wears Prada” became a classic. It’s because we all know that if you want something done right, you better do it yourself.

When it comes to shady people–and frankly, anyone who isn’t being honest with themselves or others–it can be tempting to become defensive or aggressive when they try to manipulate you into doing something you don’t want to do. We have all been there: You’re standing in line at Starbucks when some woman pushes her way up front and tries to cut ahead of everyone else while loudly arguing with the cashier over whether she can get free refills on her grande latte (because apparently those come with unlimited coffee?). Or maybe someone asks for your opinion on their new haircut but doesn’t actually care what YOU think; instead they just want validation from someone else who will tell them how great they look even though we all know deep down inside that this person has bad taste in hairstyles (and maybe even worse taste overall).

These situations are enough cause any reasonable person’s blood pressure rise–but responding calmly and honestly can help keep things from getting out of hand quickly!


There you have it: four simple tips for responding to shady people.

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