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Cut the Crap and Let it go!

Hey Loves,

Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception! I am back with October’s book of the month. I want to read something I enjoy for Spooky season.

So, guys I have a confession. The further along I got in the last book, the worse it got. I did not really enjoy “The Art of Communication”. Don’t get me wrong, there were some gems of advice in the book, but overall it was a no for me.

I have a new book that I am going to try and we shall see how it goes.

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My Book Choice: Cut the Crap and Let it Go!

Part 1 – Oh Sh*t

Drowning in Crap

To start things off I like how blunt this author is. I feel like this a conversation between my friends and me. In this chapter the author mentions how physical clutter can cause mental clutter. Ant I one thousand percent agree with this. People around me always wonder why I am always cleaning and it is because I am going crazy in my mind. Take a moment and clean your enviornment.

clut·ter/ˈklədər/Learn to pronounceverb

  1. crowd (something) untidily; fill with clutter.

She also remind us that our minds aren’t an ICloud and emotional clutter is a sign that we haven’t been doing the inner work. We have to stop holding onto things from the past or unexpressed emotions.

Emotional Clutter

Emotions that we do not always deal with effectively

Mental Clutter

“the stuff that not only takes up space in our brain, but continues to live rent-free “

Spiritual Clutter

the thoughts and worries that waste our time and energy

Let’s Take a little Mental Break for some House Cleaning

Take a quick second and read the post embedded below, because I do have a giveaway going on. This is one thing that you do not want to miss out on.

You May Be Thinking: How do I clear my mind?

My go to is to write out my thought, whether on my notes app or on paper. Just know that it is not good to let things build up. An example of those thought and emotions are in my ebook Sincerely Yours“. Be sure to check that out because I get deep.

Red Flag

Now the author called me out in this chapter because she talked about how bad Retail Therapy can be. Instead of spening money on something materialist, deal with my Crap. And that is what I am working on.

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