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“Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” Yoda

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Do you find it hard to let go of things from your past? Rather it is materialistic or figuative. Pay attentionnton why you keep certain items. There may be a different meaning.

Sentimental Value

sen·ti·men·tal val·ue Learn to pronounce noun

  1. the value of something to someone because of personal or emotional associations rather than material worth.
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As the author was explaining in this chapter, or at least at the beginning, certain things have a deeper meaning to which we get attached. When letting go of some items that don’t have any value, we need to understand their deeper meaning and understand why we have held on to them. Growing up was something I was sort of forced to do sooner than I should have. And that is due to a personal reason. Consequently, I kept things like my Barbie dolls as long as possible. There were others around me who were wondering why I kept holding onto my Barbie dolls when in reality that is all I have left of my childhood.

In order for me to let go of those Barbie dolls, I had to heal that part of myself. I’m not saying that I’m completely over that trauma, however, I have healed so much to where I do not need those items anymore. So those items are long gone. I still have the memories but it helps me grow even more as a person.


Be Honest With Yourself

Going through stuff that you have grown attached to can be a form of healing. Knowing that I tend to feel the same emotions I experienced when receiving certain items, I know that I feel the same when finding them. Like if you think about a certain item: for example I had an attachment to my Cheetah girls 2 movie and a Tamagotchi. It was the last time I had the items to share my last Christmas with my mom, so I had an emotional attachment. So it was extremely hard to get rid of those because I feel like that was the last item I had and represented the last moments I had with her. If that makes sense.

Girl Talk

Sincerley Yours

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