4 Selena Songs That Can Make Your Playlist Better

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Hey Loves it’s White Wednesday

For those of you Who are new. White Noise Wednesday is a play on words. I explain it on all of my posts. So, get started below. Where it all started. Alos be sure to subscribe for more post like this.

Como La Flor

She is obviously well-known for this song. However, the lyrics have helped me get through numerous heartbreaks. Her perspective on not being the appropriate person for someone is incredible.

Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor
Sin embargo, te deseo lo mejor
Si en mí encontraste felicidad
Tal vez, alguien más te la dará

I know you have a new love
However, I wish you the best
If you didn’t find happiness with me
Maybe, someone else will give it to you

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Where Did The Feeling Go?

Photographs, tickets for two
Promises that all fell through
Now, ev’rything’s in black and white
The colors faded with the light
The stars we used to wish upon
Have somehow lost their light

Missing My Baby

I love the vibes that this song gives me. Especially if you’re missing that special someone.

Si Una Vez

Si una vez dije que te amaba, hoy me arrepiento
Si una vez dije que te amaba, no sé lo que pensé, estaba loca

If I once said that I loved you6

Today I regret it

If I once said that I loved you

I don’t know what was I thinking I was crazy

Many More

Theere are so many more songs that she has gien us I made a playlist so you can explore. Happy White Wednesday! Be sure to like, comment,share, and subscribe.

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