White. Noise.Wednesday.

Today’s White noise is all about the songs that I feel describe me. I was talking to someone about music and how I can describe my emotions perfectly with a song. So they asked me to describe myself in a playlist with 20 songs. Although that is hard, Let’s get to it!

I’m kidding

My music taste is always changing, so these are the songs I would choose currently

I’m ready x Tevin Campbell

Spotless Mind x Jhene Aiko

Damag x H.E.R.

Twister x Mariah Carey

My Heart is Calling x Whitney

Don’t Change x Musiq SoulChild

Truthfully x Brandy

Life Goes on x Tupac

I Could fall in Love x Selena

Heart x Britney Spears

Beautiful x Christina A

Farewell x Rihanna

Joanna x Jojo

Saved x Khalid

Angel x Leona Lewis

Souls Anthem x Tori Kelly

Fallen x Mya

Slide Away x Miley Cyrus

The Voice Within x Christina A

Perfect x Simple Plan

You should definitely check out these songs and let me know I’m the comments which song you liked.

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