27 lessons I learned in 27 years. Happy 28th birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me! (28 lessons (birthday)

I’m turning 28 today, and it feels like a big deal. Maybe it’s because Ihave been through alot of stuff at such an early part of my life. My mom had been telling me since before I can remember that I am special. Maybe it’s because of all the birthday parties I’ve had over the years (I lost count at 18). Or maybe it’s because this year marks a huge transition for me: moving from mid twenties into adulthood with no plan or idea what will happen next. Whatever the reason, here are some lessons (28 lessons (birthday)) learned from my quarter-century on earth:I’ve been alive for 28 years today, and I’ve learned a lot in that time. The biggest lesson? You can’t learn anything if you don’t make mistakes. So here’s my story: But first, as a birthday gift, subscribe below.

Take risks, not because it’s good to live on the edge, but because you’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t try.

Taking risks is not about living on the edge, it’s about discovering your limits. It’s not about being fearless, it’s about finding out what you can do with your fear.

Taking risks is not just for daredevils who want to jump off buildings and swim with sharks; it’s also for people who want to make a difference in this world.”

Communicate, with yourself and others.

  • Communication is key to success.
  • Communicate with yourself—your inner voice, your intuition.
  • Communicate with others by listening to them, being empathetic and understanding where they’re coming from, and being honest in what you say. Also: practice kindness even when it’s hard; remember that the world needs more empathy and respect right now (not less).

Be in the moment.

I wish I could change everything about my past. But then, I wouldn’t be me.

Worrying about the future is a waste of time that only makes you feel bad about yourself in the present. This goes for regretting your past as well: you can’t change it, so why spend time thinking about it? It’s all in the past!

And finally, don’t worry too much about what’ll happen tomorrow. It might not come at all (like this birthday). Instead, be mindful and present in today’s moment; try living it to its fullest potential every day.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You will often find that it’s easier to ask for help than you thought it would be. So go ahead and ask for the help you need.

You can ask for help from people who don’t know you, or people who do know you. You can ask in person or by email, text, voicemail or carrier pigeon. Whatever works best for your situation. And remember: The worst thing that could happen is someone says no!

Do what you love; passion is everything.

If your work doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to re-evaluate. You can’t be happy if you don’t love what you do. The only way to find your passion is to try new things, and not just once or twice but as much as possible. You might fail at first, but don’t give up!

You are not your age, nor the size of your waistline or bank account. You are the possibilities that you see and the choices you make.

In the end, age and physical appearance are not important. You are what you think you are and what choices and actions you take. Your possibilities are endless!

21-years old.

Being 21-years old is a time of transition. It’s a time of new beginnings, new goals and challenges, new opportunities. I learned to accept the fact that this is my life now. I am an adult and responsible for my actions – good or bad.


College is the time to grow. College is a great time to learn and develop skills. You need to be able to do things on your own. (28 lessons (birthday)) Which can be hard if you don’t have any experience doing it before. College is also a chance for personal growth and development. As well as making friends and having fun! It’s a time when you learn more about yourself and the world around you.

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28 lessons (birthday)
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Leaving college.

College is a time of experimentation and growth, so it’s appropriate that I learned some lessons while attending college. It was also a time when I learned to be independent; responsible; social; and healthy.

The first time I lived on my own

  • The first time I lived on my own

The first time I lived on my own was 2014, and it was a scary moment. After two days of being away from home, I was exhausted and had no idea if I liked it. I just wanted to go home! I was homesick. You might think this is crazy because why would you not want to live somewhere near your friends? But after being cooped up for so long, all I could think about was being back home. To make matters worse, learning to liveon a buget was a struggle.

In hindsight though, there were some good things that came out of that experience.

  • I learned how important it is to plan ahead before moving; otherwise, things will not go well!
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One foot in and one foot out.

The future is a little scary, right? I don’t know what I want to do. I’m not sure if I want to stay in this place. Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery, but then again maybe it’s not. Maybe that was just a phase and now things will be different; maybe they won’t be different at all. Anticipation is exciting but also terrifying because you never know what will happen next and there isn’t much control over your fate once it happens anyway—so why even bother trying to guess?

But here’s the thing: even though we can’t predict where life might take us or how our lives will unfold (or even how long we’ll live), it doesn’t mean that we should sit back and let things happen without making any effort at all! Sometimes taking small steps forward while holding on tightly with one hand leads us places we never imagined could exist before. Places where dreams come true; places where people are happy together; places where you feel like yourself again after being lost for so long without knowing why

Interdimensional travel.

Interdimensional travel is the act of traveling to another dimension by means of a portal or wormhole. This is often done for the purpose of exploring, learning about other cultures, discovering new resources and even as a form of transportation.

Interdimensional travel can be risky and should only be done with extreme care. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will arrive safely wherever it is that you want to go. You may end up somewhere entirely different than what you were expecting!

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A new world is calling me home.

You can count on the following:

  • You’re going to make mistakes. A lot of them. And you will have to learn from them, because we all make mistakes. The trick is learning to live with them and be happy with what you have. We’re all a work in progress, but we can only take lessons from our past, so don’t dwell on it too much or let it get you down!
  • Don’t hold grudges against people who’ve wronged you. They may not deserve your forgiveness, but they definitely don’t deserve your anger either! I’m just glad that I got out before things got really ugly between us…or something worse might’ve happened to me! So thank God for small miracles like this one here today–it could’ve been a whole lot worse than what we had going on back then (and thankfully now).

Fractured memories. 28 lessons (birthday)

If you’re like me, then you’ve been known to reminisce about things that never happened. I mean, who hasn’t been prone to a little bit of memory manipulation? All the more reason why I think it’s important for us all to realize that not only are our memories often inaccurate, but they can be manipulated by our brains in ways we didn’t even know were possible.

For example: did you know that your brain has the capacity to distort memories? For example: did you know that sometimes when you remember something from childhood, it isn’t actually how it happened? It’s crazy! And totally true!

28 lessons (birthday)
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Your memories can also become distorted over time because of repetition and retelling. In other words—the more times someone tells their story about something funny or embarrassing or sad (like falling down on stage during their first public speaking gig), the more likely they are going to start embellishing on certain details or adding new ones altogether.

All in an effort come up with an entertaining anecdote worth telling again and again…and again…and again…and again…until eventually no one knows what really happened anymore except for maybe one person who may still remember some facts correctly but probably not everything because let’s face it: no one remembers everything perfectly anyway not even me because obviously my memory isn’t perfect either which is why this post exists at all!

An accident in my life.

An accident in your life.

There are plenty of things that you can control and plenty that you can’t. In my early 20s, I fell off a bike and hurt my wrist. It was tragic and painful but it was also an accident, and accidents happen! Some people look back on a particularly bad day as the worst day of their lives because they didn’t know how to react or handle it well enough. I used this experience to learn more about myself and how far I could push myself in life. This incident helped me realize that there is always something good in everything bad (unless you’re dead). That doesn’t mean we have to go out looking for bad stuff all the time either! We just need to always stay open-minded and try our best every day – no matter what happens along the way!

Homecoming & New Cultivation.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Home
  • A new start or opportunity to improve yourself

The most stressful stories that still haunt me to this day. 28 lessons (birthday)

The most stressful stories that still haunt me to this day:

  • When I was 17, my friend asked me if I wanted to go to a party and I said no, but then he talked me into going anyway. They had an open bar and I drank way too much vodka cranberry juice (I know). The next morning I woke to a Good morning text from him. We were so close…and then never spoke again after that night.
  • When I was 18, my friend went out without inviting me because she thought it would be boring without her friends there as well – we’ve since become better friends than ever before! This really taught me how important it is to be honest with your friends about what kind of environment makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable; if someone says something offends them then respect their wishes instead of trying to reason why it shouldn’t bother them like some kind of stubborn asshole (like myself).
  • When I was 20 years old – which coincidentally happened during college orientation week at IU Berkeley – during our mandatory training session where we learned about sexual assault prevention seminars run by RA’s & Councilors from different departments within Residential Life so they could “teach” us how NOT TO GET RAPED IN OUR OWN DORM ROOMS!! This was when I knew I was put on this Earth to be a spokesperson for women.

Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be happier in life

You might have heard this saying before, but it’s true: we learn more from our mistakes (28 lessons (birthday)) than we do from success. This is because learning from failure means that you’re constantly growing, while success tends to bring complacency. If you want to be better at something, the best way to do that is by making a mistake and learning from it.

The problem with old people (I’m 27 now so I can say that) is that they think they’re perfect and have no room for improvement because they’ve already achieved everything they wanted in life. You’ll know if you’re like this if as soon as something goes wrong, your first instinct is “it’s not my fault” instead of “how can I fix this?” This attitude keeps us stuck in an endless loop of self-loathing and regret—and it’s toxic!

Instead of thinking about what went wrong when things go wrong (which only makes them worse), try focusing on how you could improve next time so nothing like this happens again. It may sound simple but trust me: where there was once anger, fear or shame over a mistake made by yourself or someone else (like maybe your friend forgot their birthday or spilled wine on her white couch), there will soon be gratitude for having learned how not to let those things happen again!


I hope you found these 27 lessons (28 lessons (birthday) )useful and will be able to apply them in your own life. I know mistakes happen, but we shouldn’t let them define who we are. We should learn from them instead! I would love to hear about some of your favorite lessons (or not so favorite ones) in the comments below 🙂

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