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10 Starbucks Drinks to Try

Introduction to Starbucks Coffee

Want to know what’s the next big thing in the coffee world? There’s a Starbucks drink for that. The company is constantly coming out with new flavors and blends, so it’s not surprising that you’d want to try them out for yourself. I’m here to give you some ideas about which drinks are worth your time—and money (it’ll cost more than most other coffee shops).

Iced matcha latte

Matcha is a green tea powder that has been ground into a fine crumb. It’s a great source of antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer and other diseases. The high caffeine content means it’s also an excellent pick-me-up for those who need it most—or just want something bubbly.

Matcha lattes are mixed with milk or water, but you can also add honey or agave syrup to make them even sweeter!

Nitro cold brew

If you’re looking for an iced coffee that’s less acidic than hot coffee, consider trying the Nitro Cold Brew. The beverage is made by steeping ground beans in cold water for hours before serving. This allows the flavors of your favorite blend to develop and become more complex, which means it will be more flavorful than any other type of iced beverage out there!

Cold brew has been said to have “a sweet nutty flavor” with hints of chocolate and caramel. It also contains antioxidants that can help fight illnesses like cancer or diabetes as well as increase energy levels.

Blonde cappuccino

If you’re looking for a coffee that’s bolder than your average cup of joe, this is the one. The blonde cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. It’s not as strong as a regular cappuccino but it does contain more caffeine than any other Starbucks drink.

This unique concoction is great if you don’t like your coffee too strong or bitter—it has less caffeine than most other drinks but still packs enough punch to wake up your taste buds and get them ready for work!

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Caffè Misto

Caffè misto is the ideal drink for those who like their coffee to be served in a small cup. The name comes from the Italian word for “mixed,” and it’s similar to a latte, but without steamed milk.

You can get this beverage at Starbucks, though you might not realize it until you’ve had one: its color tends to be darker than your average roast-bean-based drink (though that may be because of how much espresso is used). It’s also served with no foam—just espresso and hot water.

a facade of a starbucks coffeehouse
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Mocha frappuccino

The Mocha Frappuccino is a blended coffee drink with milk and chocolate syrup. It’s blended with ice and topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

  • This is the perfect drink for any occasion, but especially during the holidays when you want something sweet or creamy to go along with your meal. It’s also great for those who don’t normally enjoy coffee drinks because it has some delicious ingredients as caramel swirled into the mocha sauce that coats each sip!

Caramel brûlée latte

The Caramel Brûlée Latte is a caramel-flavored coffee drink that’s topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. It is made with espresso, milk, and vanilla syrup (and no sugar!). This delicious treat can be found at Starbucks locations across the country.

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Strawberry acai refresher

This refreshing drink is made with acai berry juice and real strawberries. It’s a mixture of fruit juice, fruit puree, syrup, and bits.

The strawberry acai refresher comes in a tall glass with an icy cold straw that makes it easy to drink. The drink has a strong flavor but it’s not too sweet so you can enjoy it if you’re trying to lose weight or if you’re on the go and don’t have time for something that takes forever to prepare!

Vanilla bean frappuccino

The vanilla bean frappuccino is a creamy vanilla-flavored blended beverage that comes in both hot and cold versions. It’s made with whole milk, ice, syrup, and powder of your choice (vanilla or cinnamon), plus a few other ingredients like caramel syrup and coffee.

The original recipe was created by Starbucks’ founder Howard Schultz in 1971 as a salute to his wife who loved coffee but didn’t drink it as much because she preferred tea instead. The drink has since become one of their most popular drinks due to its high amount of calories (240 per cup) and sugar content (28 grams).

Flat white

A flat white is an espresso drink with cream, milk and foam. It’s similar to a latte, but less milk and foam. The Starbucks flat whites are made using the same machines as their iced coffee drinks, so it’s possible for you to get them at any location of your choosing—even if you don’t live near one!

Bananas foster frappuccino

Bananas foster is a classic dessert, so you know it’s going to be delicious. This frappuccino has banana, caramel, and cinnamon flavors that make it taste like a healthy dessert. It’s made with vanilla bean powder, caramel syrup, and banana puree to give it that classic banana flavor. The whipped cream adds some sweetness to the drink as well as makes it look quite fancy!

The best part about this drink is how easy it makes for someone who doesn’t have time for all those complicated drinks at Starbucks because all they have to do is add ice cubes into their cup before pouring themselves some coffee (or tea) on top of them—no stirring necessary!

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You can customize your Starbucks drink to suit your taste.

You can customize your Starbucks drink to suit your taste. Ask for less sugar, or more milk, for example. If you’re in a rush and don’t want extra syrup on your cup, use the code “ExtraHot” at checkout to get 20% off any size hot drink!

You also have options when it comes to ice. Do you prefer crushed ice? Or do you want shaved ice instead? The choice is yours—and if all else fails (as happens sometimes), ask them what they recommend based on their current stock of ingredients.


We hope you enjoyed these Starbucks drinks! The key takeaway is that you can customize your drink to suit your taste and mood. So, if you’re feeling a little wild, try an espresso shot and an extra pump of vanilla syrup in your Flat White—or vice versa!


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