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Reasons Why You Don’t Get the Same Person Twice

Today I’d want to discuss something that a lot of people try to avoid. Many times when you were dating someone and then realized the grass is greener on the other side, but you try to go back because it’s not. You’re hoping to meet the same person you did the first time you met them. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

Do you love someone when they are vulnerable, when you have injured them or when you have messed with their emotions? When you screw with someone’s mind or emotions, they must do some work in order to recover and go on. And for you to return and believe you still have the same loving, vulnerable, and open person, it’s a mistake on your part.

My Experience

I’ve met a few people who have taken advantage of my goodwill and weakness for them, only to be startled by how I treat them when they return. I usually handle them as if they are no longer a priority or that they are unimportant to me. But you made the bed, so why won’t you sleep in it?

pink roses on an opened white paper
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The majority of males learn this the hard way. You can’t expect me to still need your energy if you keep disappointing me. I’ve been relearning myself during the time you’ve been away “enjoying your life and independence.” I’ve been working on not only my heart but also my ego. You’re feeling a little down now that you’ve been given the cold shoulder? Interesting. You will never be the same after experiencing trauma. That is something to consider.

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