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What’s in my Beach Bag?

Hey loves, welcome back!

With hot girl Summer nearing. I wanted to share with you all, what I carry in my beach bag.

I am an over-packer, so you do not have to pack everything, that I do, I just wanted to share with you what my essentials are.

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Let’s Get Started

The first thing I carry in my bag is sunscreen.

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You should be protecting your skin no matter your age or color.


The next thing is a bottle of cold water.

You need to stay hydrated at the beach. And not with soda or juice.

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I also take snacks.

Usually it fruit, crackers, salad and a sandwich.

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I also bring a book and magazines.

I like to catch up on reading by the water for a while.

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To sit in silence at the shore, watch the waves and hear the surf, is to appreciate the very breath and heartbeat of the Earth.

Don Zantamata

I then bring a beach towel. For obvious reasons.

book and camera on a beach towel
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A Few Words About Us

I also bring what’s usually in my purse, which you can read about in the link below.

As you can see, I like to stay prepared, because I plan on being by the water for a while.

This is why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

Be sure to check out my Girl Code Ebook.

Quality Services

As well as my poetry book. You’ll need some good reads when you’re at the beach.

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Grab your Headphones and listen to my podcast while lying in the sand.

What are your go-to essentials for a trip to the beach?

Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow!

Be sure to try and get somewhere near water this Summer.

Get some vitamin D and cleanse your mind.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, be sure to like, subscribe, share and follow. Be on the lookout for a new post tomorrow.

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