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The Narcissit’s Playbook: The Next Chapter

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I’m continuing with the book for this month.

Continuing on with my last post, the author spoke about how how the victim usually goes into flight or fight mode when dealing with a narcissist. It is different for everyone. I remember not really being myself and the way I reacted to my narcissists surprised me. I never want to see that side again.

To those who are new, I suggest you read the first post that I have linked below.


The author goes through the stages (phases) that the victim goes through. And its so scary how close it is to the stages of death.


Phase 1: Awareness

Phase 2 : Awareness of Manipulation while it’s happening

Phase 3: Developing a plan response to manipulative behavior


The Definition

  1. 1. the action of manipulating something in a skillful manner.” the format allows fast picture manipulation”
  2. 2. the action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.” there was no deliberate manipulation of visitors’ emotions”

Sometimes, you aren’t even aware you are being manipulated. I didn’t realize I was until my friends had an intervention that I desperately needed.

Emotionally Hostage

The author says a narcissist will try to keep their victim emotionally hostage. They will do whatever it takes to keep ahold of your emotions. It really sucks. They feel like they own you and will do whatever it takes to make you think the same way.

Manipulation Isn’t:


Bad Luck



Here’s a secret as much as many narcissists say they don’t like drama, they do beloved.

young sad woman crying at home
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If a person

wants to solve a conflict they will

My narcissist would alway find a way to make everything my fault or say “I don’t want to argue”

Anytime I wanted to have an adult conversation, he would but a stop to it.

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We will continue on the next post!

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