What’s in My Beach Bag 2022?

ocean waves crashing on rocks

What’s in my Beach Bag? This was my original “What’s in my Beach Bag” post. Today is all about my updated one. You can check out the first post below. This past weekend I went to the Beach. ANd I had an amazing time. Let’s Get Started. Sunscreen As much as I enjoy the sun, … Read moreWhat’s in My Beach Bag 2022?

What’s in my Beach Bag?

book and camera on a beach towel

Let’s Get Started The first thing I carry in my bag is sunscreen. You should be protecting your skin no matter your age or color. 01. The next thing is a bottle of cold water. You need to stay hydrated at the beach. And not with soda or juice. 02. I also take snacks. Usually … Read moreWhat’s in my Beach Bag?

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