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What can we learn about crabs in bucket mentality?

What can we learn about crabs in bucket mentality?

If you’re a lobster, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why couldn’t I have been born in a bucket?” The truth is that we all have our own bucket mentality. We are each trapped in our own little world. Where we think everything revolves around us and no one else matters. This mindset can be dangerous because it leads us away from exploring other people’s perspectives and emotions. Which can only help everyone grow as individuals! In this post, I’ll explore how competition is built into our very consciousness as humans.

What can we learn about crabs in bucket mentality?
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What’s wrong with being a lobster in a bucket?

The lobster is in a bucket.

It is alone.

The lobster is in a small space with few resources and limited opportunities for growth or change (or even happiness).

It’s in a small container that limits its mobility, making it easier for predators to find them.

The lobster has no control over how it’s raised, transported, and sold. All of which can have huge impacts on their welfare (and yours!).

Competition is built into the very nature of our consciousness.

For example, in a bucket mentality, you compete with the other crabs to be the first one to leave. And if you’re not the first one out of your bucket then it means that someone else was there before you. And they took advantage of your absence while they were still in there.

Competition is built into our consciousness because we are all competitive people at heart. It’s an essential part of being human! But this competition isn’t inherently bad. Rather than viewing competition as something negative or destructive (like some religions do). I believe we should see it as an opportunity for growth and development. Competition can help us become stronger individuals by helping us push ourselves beyond our limits. So that we can become better versions of ourselves than before. And sometimes even better than others!

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The nature of competition is envy.

The nature of competition is envy.

Nature of competition is jealousy.

The nature of competition is competitiveness.

Competition is the natural state of human beings. And it’s something we must embrace as a species if we’re going to survive and thrive in this world. But not every form of competitiveness is healthy or beneficial for us as individuals or for our community as a whole!

Competition is an emptiness that can’t be filled by anything or anyone.

Competition is a void that can’t be filled by anything or anyone. It may seem like an obvious observation. One you may have missed if you have been raised in a bucket mentality: competition is bad for you, bad for others and even worse for the world.

It’s easy to see how this statement applies to humans who compete because they are often rewarded with praise or attention when they win against someone else. But what about crabs? How does their behavior change when there aren’t any other crabs around them to compete against?

At some point, we must face that competition is not good for us.

At some point, we must face that competition is not good for us. It’s a poor way to live and think, it’s a poor way to be and be a human being.

We have all been taught from birth that it is okay for the strongest person in the room to win or have more than others. We have been taught this by our parents and teachers who tell us “You need to work hard so that you can better yourself financially”. Or “you need to study harder so as not to fall behind everyone else in class/school/workplace/society at large”.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this article now or reading this article tomorrow. The competition will always exist in some form or another. Whether it be between individuals competing against each other through sport (which doesn’t necessarily mean winning). Or animals competing over food resources (which doesn’t necessarily mean eating only what they want). Or even nations competing against each other over resources such as land ownership…

I have to stop blaming other people for my problems, and that means me too.

You’re not alone or the only one who has problems, and you’re certainly not the only one who hurts.

You aren’t alone in feeling afraid or sad or lonely either!


I have found that the more I try to control other people, the more they control me. They are not only motivated by competition but also by envy of others’ success and happiness. This is why I believe it’s important to let go of our attachment to competition and accept what we have in life. That way, when we lose something or someone close to us (which will inevitably happen) we won’t be so devastated because we know there is always another opportunity out there waiting for us.”

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