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My Fall 2021 Bucket List

Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception

We are at the beginning of the Best Time of the Year

Whether you do it alone, with friends, with family, or with a significant other. These are some activities that you should do before Fall ends.

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Make S’mores

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Go to a Footbal game Live

I am a Football fan but since covid, I’ve been hesitant to go to one in person. I definitely, want to go to a game this year.

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Go Apple Picking

I can cross this off because I got it done early!

green apple fruit on red metal stand
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Bake a Pie

two assorted pies on table
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Game Night

I did this with a group of friends and it was fun seeing everyone off their phone and bonding!

close up photo of monopoly board game
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Go to a Fall Festival

decorations for halloween with gravestone and web
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Carve Pumpkins

jack o lantern on ground
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