Understanding cycles of fashion

Yves Saint Laurent

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”.
Yves Saint Laurent

Hey My loves Welcome back! Let’s talk about the Fashion cycles.

I haven’t published a fashion post in a long! Therefore wished to fulfill your desires. I shall discuss fashion cycles, as implied by the title. Style, like history, repeats itself in many ways that you may not have noticed. Today we’re talking about Fashion cycles.

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“The difference between style and fashion is quality”.
Giorgio Armani

Sally Pearson​

Have you ever noticed that when the younger generation starts wearing clothes, and someone from a different generation says “Oh no, they’re bringing that back in style”. Lately, Gen Z is rocking clothes from my time. They’re calling it “Y2k” I honestly think it’s funny. They are also trying to bring back low-rise jeans, and flare jeans. To be honest, I hate low-rise jeans because I always feel the need to keep pulling them up even though they are on correctly. I also don’t like flare jeans, because I am 5’2 and hate when my pants drag on the ground.

black trousers and transparent dress on hanger placed on chandelier
Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Do you ever?

Do you ever get mad at throwing certain clothing items away, because they always seem to come back into style? I’m like, darn it, I should’ve kept those.

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in”.

Paris Hilton

Clothing that never goes out of Style

These are items that will always be in. This is what we call classics.

Black Dress

A little black dress will always be in style. This a closet staple.

Over-sized Cardigan

These things never go out of style. Those of all ages and classes wear them.

Jean Jacket

This will never get old, and can be worn with almost anything.

Bandage dress

Ever need something quick to wear. Keep a bandage dress along with a black dress in your closet.

One-Piece Swimsuit

These are a must-have. Every woman has those days when she is not feeling her body. Keep a one-piece for the Summer.


You need to have something professional, that you can dress down with jeans when going for drinks after work.

Stages of Fashion

The Fashion Cycle is the period of time or life span during with the fashion exists, moving through five stages.

  • Introduction stage.
  • Rise stage.
  • Peak stage.
  • Decline stage.
  • Obsolescence stage.

The cycle of fashion is a recurring pattern in the pattern of fashion. It is a pattern that is repeated over and over again.

When & Where

We love to see you soon

Tom Ford

Fashion is disposable yet repeats itself, so just don’t throw away anything…

Tom Ford

Let’s wrap things up

Fashion will always repeat itself in a sense. I may do more posts to help know different types of articles of clothing.

Bruce Oldfield

“Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas”.

Bruce Oldfield

I want to you what style you hope comes back to play. Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you aren’t already following, hit that follow button. Be on the lookout for a new post tomorrow.

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