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Understanding Crazy Making Conversations

The most pathetic feeling is when you get into a fight with someone because you expressed what made you upset and instead of apologizing, they find a way to make you feel bad and you’re feeling bad because you regret saying something.

Hey loves, Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception!

Have you ever had a conversation with a manipulator that left you confused and you felt like you were crazy? Trust me, I went into a conversation with a clear mind and left confused. In this chapter, we get a list of fallacies in communication. Messing with the mind is one of a narcissist’s most powerful moves. We will chug along in this book. I hope you all are learning a lot from these posts.

People don’t want to hear this, but words not matching actions is called manipulation. And refusing to be held accountable for it is called gaslighting.

The 9 Errors in Reasoning

  1. The Pollyanna principal: Thinking that people have the same morals as you.

The Pollyanna Principle is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more accurately than unpleasant ones. 

2. Appeal to ignorance.

3. Appeal to Hypocrisy: A person shifts the focus to others wrong doings.

4. Blaming the Victim: When the person blame the victim for reacting to abuse.

5. Appeal to emotions: When someone manipulates the emotions of others to get what they want. Emotions: Pity, fear, guilt, anger…

6. Continuum Fallacy: Also called the fallacy of the beard, line-drawing fallacy, fallacy of the heap, the sorites fallacy, and the bald man fallacy, the continuum fallacy rejects a claim because it is not precise. The is fallacious because, vague, “in-between” or unclear scenarios do not make them necessarily untrue. Very Vague.

7. Appeal to Intuition: Someone uses their intuition to measure whether someone is wrong or not.

8. Hasty generalization: Generalizing something on a small matter or amount if information.

9. Red herring: When someone tries to distract you from the topic at hand.

Karma is really going to hit some of you real hard for breaking people who had nothing but good intentions for you.

It really sucks that you do not know you’re being manipulated until you’re out of that situation or someone points it out. It took my friend saying that she didn’t like seeing e be hurt, for me to realize how dirty they were doing me. This guy was doing whatever he can to appeal to me, just so in the end he got what he wants. I was defiantly surprised.

Please watch for these red flags aka these manipulation tactics so that you can protect your heart!

Which one of these fallacies has someone used on you? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to like, comment, follow, and share! Be on the lookout for the next post!!

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