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Tips on How Best to Pose for Instagram Photos

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I sat back and thought about how I choose my poses. Now I am no fashion photographer or model in a magazine but I do have experience. . These, in my opinion, are some of the best ways for women to look great in photos, especially in their new clothes or on special occasions. You may be wondering: Is there a proper way to pose for the camera? What are the best lighting conditions for different materials and face types? Do backdrops make a difference?

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Best Lighting Conditions for Different Materials and Face Types

What I have noticed, is that when your back is facing the light, your photo will be more focused on your silhouette. If you face the sun, the photo will reveal your natural glow. Then there are also ring lights available now. I tend to think nature is your best friend when taking photos. I’ll post some pictures of me in natural lighting vs. ring light.

Left ImageRight Image
Left ImageRight Image

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Do backdrops make a difference?

No seriously, does it?

To be honest not really. But If you want the focus to be on your outfit or whatever is the subject. If I want the focus to be on my clothes, I do a solid color backdrop. If I know it’s going to be a busy background, I keep the look simple and maybe do a different makeup look.

Left ImageRight Image

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How to add variety to your feed

I am going to make sure that the photo for Instagram is snatched and looks perfect when I post it. So I often play music and dance to get my photos when I’m close to my house or when I’m at home to get live action photos. On the other hand, if I’m in another location, I also take live action photos, like walking or looking somewhere; that way, it appears natural. Below are some examples of this. It’s very awkward and I never know what to do when someone forces me to pose. I don’t know why, but I just dislike force posing.

After I take a picture of myself sitting down, I change it up in a subsequent photograph by standing up or lying down. Variety is important in your feed.

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