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The Importance of Nonthinking

The way you communicate reveals everything about. Words are the clothes your thoughts wear.

Amanda Patterson

Should we all stop thinking sometimes? Who knows. Weren’t we always taught to think before we speak? The author in this month’s book goes says that we should “A misperception can happen in a moment. In a flash”. It’s nice to be able to try to see things from others’ perspectives, but people need to give you the opportunity to be able to do that. Instead of assumptions, communicate.

Hey loves, and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. If you are new here, welcome! And to all of my day ones, I love you! To those who are new, I am in the middle of a series, that you should definitely catch up on.

The best relationship is where yesterdays fight didn’t stop today’s communication.

We Don’t Have to Hide How We Feel

The more we understand how we react to certain situations, the more beneficial it is for our growth. Communicate with yourself how you would want others to communicate with you. Learning to listen to ourselves can help us better understand how we see and react to things. I am not saying that you necessarily should keep your real feelings towards situations hidden, but to know how you are feeling about something, will better help you communicate.

I will be working on understanding my emotions more. Self-awareness is my top priority right now.

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