Part two: Lessons from Childhood Characters we grew to love.

Lessons from Childhood Characters

The last post discussed the plot in different stories like Peter Pan and Bridge To Terabithia. That was just an intro to lessons we can learn. On this blog, I thought I would venture out and choose characters from different 90s shows who represent certain qualities good or bad. Some of you may be able to relate to certain ones but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. Lessons from Childhood Characters. Let’s get started!


Kuzco: Hello! Can we say, Narcissist? Trust me, this dude doesn’t care about anyone but himself. (“It’s all about me” one of his common phrases). Anyone who isn’t a fan or worships him is garbage in his eyes. He would have expectations of anyone he came in contact with. He expected them to treat him like king and nothing less. What person wants to date a person like that, cause I sure wouldn’t. Do you know how hard it is to date a narcissist?

First of all, they’re never satisfied. You could be giving them the world but they will always think that there is something and someone better out there. Second, he’s egotistical. If you are raised in an evil and vain environment, you’re bound to have a personality like this. I’m not saying its something can’t control or change but it takes a lot of work. Moving on with Lessons from Childhood Characters.



Helga: The little brat from Hey Arnold. I get in grade school, the way many kids showed a classmate that they like them by bullying them, but she was too old for that. You’re in the fourth-grade love. Use your words or don’t interact with him at all. She was always angry and bitter. Isn’t that always the case? No wonder Arnold couldn’t stand the girl. She was the total opposite of him, and not that opposites don’t attract, but come on, what similarities did they have?  

Here’s the thing tho, though she had another side to her that she tried to hide from others, for what reason I don’t know.

The girl also has a shrine in her closet dedicated to Arnold. Her obsession with him was not normal. Don’t get me wrong, Arnold was a charmer but he was not a saint. There is one sweet thing that I can think of when it comes to Helga her weak side for Arnold. In the Christmas episode, Arnold was trying to get a gift for someone he knows and couldn’t find it Helga got the gift and she gave it up in order to help Arnold get the gift. She also wrote poetry about him. Her archive was iconic.


Jessie from Toy Story:

Jessie from Toy Story: While we weren’t given a lot of information about her, we can all agree that this girl has abandonment issues. This issue began a while back when her owner gave her up. Leaving a scar on her life that affects any decisions she ever makes. Whenever she and the other toys came across obstacles, her past came back and haunted her. She once got in a fight because she was worried she would get left since Woody cared about his owner more than her. She is defensive because she worries that she will get forgotten again. Which is understandable but in the real world it can come off annoying. That person wants you all to themselves.


Glenn Quagmire:

Glenn Quagmire: I don’t even want to get started on this man but it’s necessary. He is creepy and disgusting. There is a difference from flirting and coming on way too strong. He hits on his friends wives and he’s a moocher. He loves having things done for, I bet you it’s even that way in the bedroom but I won’t get into that, There’s a word that comes to mind when I think of him and its hypersexuality. (“a clinical diagnosis used by mental healthcare professionals for extremely frequent or suddenly increased libido”). Homie has an addiction to sex but the way he acts on it is disgusting. He has no respect for women, he just uses them for his own agenda. We all know a guy like this.



Dodie: This girl got on my last nerve. Like I honestly don’t understand how her a Ginger were friends. They didn’t really have anything in common. This girl threw girl code out the window when she got even an ounce of attention from the popular people in the school or a boy. You ever heard of that saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? Well Dodie is the prime example. Her mother was desperate to popular too. Like mother and like daughter.

Things got worse the older they got. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t care how long we’ve been friends, but this is the type of person I would definitely and have drifted from. They can’t be trusted and aren’t reliable. She had a few good qualities but if your bad qualities outweigh the good then you aren’t deserving of my friendship.



Daria: I feel like I sort of relate to Daria. Sis is very sarcastic and sarcasm is actually a sign of intelligence. She is also highly opinionated. There are a few things about her I can’t relate to. She isn’t really motivated and is lazy. With her being intelligent at times she does talk down on others which is not cool. She also only socialized when she had to. So she is not necessarily introverted but she definitely isn’t extroverted.



I feel that we can find ourselves in characters we’ve grown to love and at times they can be an eye-opener on things that we may need to fix or things that we should appreciate about ourselves. Obviously, not everyone can relate to the characters I have chosen for this blog, but we may know someone who can.  Feel free to share, follow, and like.

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