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We all love a good movie. I sure do and I stay giving my friends movie suggestions because I’m a movie guru. I have tons of movies I would suggest you watch and you can trust me they won’t be boring because who likes a terrible movie?

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So here’s the tea. After watching the movie Gone Girl, I have so much to say about it. This is a humorous documentary that mainly focuses on the woman’s perspective of her toxic relationship. This movie follows a woman, Amy Dunne, who is fed up with her relationship and has been plotting to prove a point. She keeps a journal throughout the movie of her thoughts towards her circumstances.

The film shows the struggles of being a woman who is unappreciated.  The film takes place in a small town, they weren’t specific but the scenes were filmed in Missouri. The movie showcases the pressures society of remaining in a relationship that is toxic just because you look good together. Amy Dunn may come off crazy but this movie teaches you to have a bit of empathy as well as learning how important it is to communicate in any type of relationship.


This couple started of on cloud 9 but like many other relationships, they both got too comfortable and stopped putting in any effort. The main characters’ both want the same thing, to be understood, but the way each were going about it was not okay. I don’t want to give too much away considering their behavior is what led to the climax. There were a few tear jerkers but overall it is a great fun movie.

At some parts I found myself laughing just because I know how she felt, I’ve just never took it to the point that she took things. The ending of this movie was a bit crazy considering it wasn’t expected but let’s just say that someone wins and gets what they want. Technically there was a happy ending for one of them but its in a way that you didn’t expect. If I were to give this film a theme it would be karma. We all know what that means.


Amy took karma into her own hands but if there were a second movie, I have a feeling she would get a little bit of karma herself.  I liked this film because it is a great representation of what people my age go through as well as the struggles of deciding whether you should stay or leave a toxic relationship.  I like that although Amy was trying to prove a point, we still got to see his perspective, which a lot of women in her position rarely get to see.


The pros of this movie mainly focus on one character and her story instead of switching back and forth. I also love that it it’s not a cliché love story. It’s a thriller.  I learned that you should know your worth, but if necessary take things in your own hands.  The movie was good, I honestly do not have anything that I disliked. The ending gave me just enough to where if there was a second movie, I would definitely have the curiosity to see it.  I would recommend this film to people who love a good thrill and also women who love to live vicariously through a crazy character. This film was so interesting and good. Whoever watches this movie will not regret it.


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