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Hey loves and welcome back to Joy perception. They’re come to time during our healing journey where we get reminded up little things that we missed about someone. Even if those memories were a little to none.

There are times where I occasionally feel like I wanna have a relapse with a bad relationship that I’ve had in my past. But I just remind myself to keep going. Sometimes it’s hard to turn the page when you know that someone that you genuinely care about won’t be in the next chapter. But we all need to remember that it’s for the best.

Sometimes people from your past are meant to leave for a little while so you both can grow separately. Then if it’s meant to be you guys meet up in the future. However, a lot of the time that person is just passing, teaching you something, and leaving.

My thoughts

There was a time where I was stuck on someone from my past. And I kept reminiscing about the good times that I was preventing myself from moving on. I was so scared as to what to come and how long it will take to heal. But I am glad I eventually let them go.But eventually I did let go and I am glad I did.

Did I envision them coming back and us being cordial with each other? Not at all! But I seen that they have grown and I am what I can say is that I am enjoying this chapter!

This chapter is still untitled but I am enjoying the journey.

Let me know when the comments below if you have ever been stuck on the past. Be sure to like, share, comment, and subscribe. I hope you look for it to my birthday post that will be coming in just six days!💋

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