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Ugh Here we Go Again: COMMUNICATION

Communication is power. Those who have mastered its effective use can change their own experience of the world and the world’s experience of them. All behavior and feelings find their original roots in some form of communication. – Tony Robbins

Communication has been the focus of several of my blogs, and it has been a really eye-opening experience for me. When it comes to basic qualities and morals, my encounters with people who are unable to communicate their boundaries with others are uncountable.

Let it be known

As a result of how they treat you, you would be surprised at how many people assume you know your boundaries. This generation is causing many problems, such as going ghost. I have been a victim of someone going ghost on me several times. There may be some of you wondering what a definition down below means.

go ghost

To “disappear” by not calling, texting, or talking to a certain person. “Going ghost” is a move typically used by friends w/ benefits or booty calls when they no longer want to associate with the other person, but it can also describe a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time.

Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating. – Charlie Kaufman

See for Yourself

However, there was a discussion on Twitter recently about making it “normal” to go ghost when you’re “not in a mood.” And there were a lot of people agreeing with him. To allow you to read the comments on your own, I’ve included the tweet here.


 But I was disgusted at how many people were agreeing with this man. You wouldn’t have the energy to have a good conversation if you were in a bad mood. People who care about you will completely understand. They will understand that you aren’t ready to express yourself. But it’s coming to my awareness that those people that you assume care don’t. So instead of considering that mom is concerned about your mental health, you just go AWOL and then wonder why they feel some type of way. In order to help us agree on why communication is important, I will link a few of my posts below.

The Post

Can we agree?

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