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List of must-have accessories

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.Michael Kors

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I am so excited today because it is in fact another fashion post. And not just fashion ut accessories. I have been wearing jewelry since I was a baby, because, like mother like daughter. I honestly feel like the icing of an outfit is the accessories. So, below I will list some accessories you should look into trying, to add a little razzle-dazzle to your outfits. But first, be sure you are subscribed, so you can be updated when I make a new post.


Now, sometimes I lose jewelry, but I rarely lose rings. And I love the way rings make my fingers look, especially when I have a manicure with a full-set.

A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.Anonymous


We’ve all heard about bracelets. But why should our ankles be left out of being frosted? Anklets can bring together an outfit.

Toe Rings

Toes are the fingers of the foot. As corny as that sounds, it is true. They make your pedicure 1- times better. I love how they aren’t too bold where they look weird, but they add something to your foot.

Nose Ring

I’ve had my nose pierced for several years now, and what I like about it, is that it adds a nice little individual touch to my face. Now, piercings aren’t for everyone, but if you want to give it a try, you should.

Hair Clips


Having what you need, without having to keep it in your hands is the best. Purses are life. And like people, they come in all shapes and sizes.

These are just a few accessories you should try out. I will definitely do a part two, so be on the lookout. Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out my other posts!

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