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5 must-haves for your Purse

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It is very hard for me to not leave the house without a purse, but best believe I have all my essentials. I have done what I have in my bag that I will link below.

But in this post, I will be talking about 5 items, every woman must have in her bag. Now, quick disclaimer, this is just my opinion, so if you disagree, that is your prerogative.

Item One: Gum

In case you don’t have time to run home to brush your teeth after a burger with onion or you need something to calm your nerves. I always carry gum.

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Item 2: Pepper Spray

Unfortunately, in the society that we live in, women especially need protection. If you are not big on guns or tasers, then this is perfect for you.

Quick Break!

Many people I have enjoyed my advice on how to protect your heart from a heartbreaker! I have posted it directly below. SO let your eyes take a break and put your ears to work.

Item 3: Your wallet

I was always taught that a lady should carry money. I also was taught not to carry too much cash because it is in fact dangerous. Your wallet should have, cash, money, your i.d. and insurance card for sure.

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Item 4: Chapstick

Make sure your lips stay hydrated. Although drinking water plays a role in that, keep some chapstick as well.

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Item 5: Sunglasses

If you know you know. I stay strapped with a pair of sunglasses always! Protect your eyes, ladies and gentlemen.

assorted sunglasses
Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com

What is one item that you must have at all times? Let me know in the comments, also be sure to subscribe.

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