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How to be a true feminist

How to be a true feminist

Feminism is a movement based in the beliefs of equality and social, political, and economic rights for women. As a movement, it’s been around since the 19th century. However, even though feminism has been around for so long, some people still don’t understand what it means to be a feminist. From my experience as a feminist myself, I’ve learned that there are certain things that true feminists should avoid saying or doing when advocating for women’s rights. If they want to remain, true believers, themselves. Let’s learn How to be a true feminist!

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Don’t hate men. Hate the patriarchy.

The patriarchy is not a collection of men, it’s a system of male dominance that oppresses everyone.

Men can be feminists too, but if you’re going to call yourself one then you should also be willing to examine your privilege as a man and work against it when necessary (like acknowledging that women have been oppressed by patriarchy for centuries). The patriarchy hurts men too! In fact, many people argue that it’s even harder on them than women because they are expected to adhere rigidly to masculine norms without showing any emotion or weakness (which could make them seem less “manly”).

When you do hate men, don’t say it out loud.

It’s okay to get angry at men. It’s okay to hate men. You can express your anger, your hatred and your disgust without hurting anyone. You don’t need to shout it out loud for everyone in the world to hear; just keep it between me and you, because if there’s one thing I know about being a man based on observation, it’s that they’re sensitive creatures who aren’t able to handle criticism very well at all!

If someone disagrees with what they have said on Twitter or elsewhere online then they simply block them so their opinions don’t bother them anymore – problem solved!

Stop saying “I don’t see gender.”

  • Stop saying “I don’t see gender.” It’s a common refrain among feminists, but it sends the wrong message. The gender binary is a social construct created to oppress women, so the more we can show that our society isn’t built on these binaries–and that they are not as rigid as people think–the better off we’ll be.
  • Don’t buy into stereotypes about men and women (or any other group). If someone calls you out for doing this, apologize and then try your best not to do it again!

Stop calling women who have abortions murderers.

If you’re pro-choice, don’t call women who have abortions murderers.

This is a simple rule that can be applied to any situation. No matter how much you disagree with them or think they’re making a mistake, it’s never okay for someone else to tell another person what they should do with their body. If you’re pro-choice and want to express yourself in some way–on social media or in real life–the best thing you can do is respect other people’s choices by not calling them murderers if they choose abortion over childbirth (or vice versa).

Feminism is not an individual pursuit. It’s a collective one.

In a world where feminism is often misunderstood, it’s important to note that feminism is not an individual pursuit. It’s a collective one. And while you may be able to claim the title of “feminist” on your own, you can’t truly call yourself one until you’re willing to work alongside other women–even if those women don’t agree with you all the time or hold views different from yours.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree 100% of the time; in fact, differing perspectives are essential for any movement toward progress in society. But if someone says something offensive or ignorant about another woman’s experience as a marginalized person (i.e., using terms like “slut,” saying trans women aren’t really women), then they’re not being inclusive enough! And if there’s one thing we know about feminism: inclusion matters!

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Embrace intersectionality and recognize that there are different experiences of womanhood based on race, class, sexuality and more.

The fact is, there are different experiences of womanhood based on race, class, sexuality and more. This means that not all women experience the same thing when it comes to sexism. For example:

  • A rich white girl might be able to afford a new outfit every week while her poor black counterpart can barely afford food for herself each month.
  • A lesbian may experience less sexual harassment than her bisexual friend who’s often mistaken for straight because she dresses femininely or has short hair (and therefore looks like a man).

What does this mean for you? Well if you’re going to call yourself a feminist then it’s important that you recognize these differences and understand how they affect other women’s lives differently from yours–especially if those other women aren’t white cisgender heterosexuals like yourself! If we all want equality then we need each other’s voices too…not just our own individual ones!

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Don’t try to make women who don’t want to be called feminists into feminists.

In a world that’s constantly trying to turn you into the person it wants you to be, it can be hard not to want everyone else around you to conform. But if there’s one thing feminism has taught me, it’s that women are individuals and should be treated as such.

Don’t try to make women who don’t want to be called feminists into feminists. It won’t work, and all you’ll do is annoy them–and yourself!

Be an advocate for all women, including those who disagree with you

You know who else is a woman? Your mom. Sister. Even your best friend and her mom, too! They’re all women, and they all deserve your respect. Even if they vote Republican or post pictures of their cat on Facebook in a bikini.

How to be a true feminist
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When we talk about “the patriarchy”–the system that has historically kept men at the top of society while keeping women down. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that all men are our enemies and that we should fight against them at every turn (and sometimes literally). But remember: not all men are bad! Some of them are even good!

And many people who identify as male have been allies for feminism since its inception. These include suffragists such as Susan B. Anthony, civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr., authors like Huxley Orwell , poets like Maya Angelou . Even politicians including Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama . The list goes on! So please don’t forget about these important figures when you think about feminism today. Because they played such an important role in making sure women could vote or own land or get educated. Without getting kicked out from school. Due to their parents not wanting boys seeing their underwear while changing clothes after PE class. (Which happened to me once).

How to be a true feminist
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How to be a true feminist
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I’m not saying that it’s easy to be a true feminist. It’s not. But if you want to be one, then I encourage you to start by doing the things above. Listen more than you talk. Be an advocate for all women, including those who disagree with you (and especially those who do). And remember: there are no perfect feminists out there! We all make mistakes sometimes. Even me! But as long as we keep learning from each other and working towards equality for all women (including ourselves). Then we’ll make progress together towards creating a better world.”

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