man and woman in brown leather coat standing on brown soil

Dating a Beautiful Woman isn’t for the weak

The most defining quality of an insecure guy is jealousy. Any innocuous interactions you have with a sex opposite will set him off.


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A lot of men these days are insecure in front of women, because women have become so strong. Men are very frustrated because they don’t know what women want. 

Top quotes by Pernille Fischer Christensen


Imagine acquiring a woman who every man would go above and beyond for. Even his friends occasionally desire her. the fact that every man wants her makes her angry.

My Experience

I used to date this guy who had a serious crush on me. He pursued me even though I was wary of his intentions (probably an ego boost). He would become enraged by the simple act of other males saying hello to me, and every morning I would wake up to a paragraph of him berating me.

Assuming he was narcissistic was my assumption. Despite my unpredictable schedule, he always showed up for my job. His friends kept tabs on my social media posts as well. Then he made sure no males came in contact with me thereafter. What a nightmare.

“Being insecure is a sign of not being completly satisfied with yourself. You feel as if someone can easily take your spot.”


You might be asking why I would claim that a male would feel insecure in this circumstance. One, he implies that women are mere objects. I believe that only guys who lack confidence in their masculinity would consider anything a woman does to be “too much.”


/ˌinsəˈkyo͝or/Learn to pronoun adjective

  1. 1. not firmly fixed; liable to give way or break.

“Jealousy doesn’t show how much you love someone, it shows how insecure you are.”

And Another Thing

There have been arguments saying “my girlfriend shows too much skin.” Although, there are boundaries in relationships. She was dressing that way when you were pursuing her, so why are you making it a big deal now?

Her showing skin is a problem you need to deal with either:

A) Breakup with her,find a girl who doesn’t show skin

B) Be an adult and communicate your boundaries

C) Work on your insecurity and learn that you can’t control others because they aren’t your possession.

Date someone with the same values as you. I think men fail to realize that the way women dress is not for them. Everything a woman does is not with a man in mind.

man and woman in brown leather coat standing on brown soil
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As an insecure man what you should do

Don’t try to change her. If she already was wearing mini-skirts or makeup when you pursued her, don’t expect her to change once you get her.

Work on your confidence. What do you feel you are lacking to be worried about “losing your woman”?

What do yyou think?

Have you ever dated an insecure person, and how did you handle it? Were you an insecure person? Let me know in the comments below!

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