Be Yourself

Let someone like you for you

Never sacrifice your deepest passions in life just to keep a man interested in you.

Hey Loves and Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey

There is nothing like someone loving the real you. Your flaws and all. I have a few guys of my past who never truly got to know me. They were only focused on my looks. I felt like in order to keep their attention I had to put my hobbies and dreams aside and focus on them. Little did I know, that real men will like me to have passions and share them.

This Chapter

Do not dull your shine to keep a man

I have seen my friends and myself do this and its sad when I think about it. Women are taught to please a man by doing whatever it takes. Even if that means we will not always be happy. We lost ourselves in the relationship. Let me remind you guys that the author is a man and I love it. Why? Because I am huge on perspective. One part that stuck out with me was “. Men don’t want women who’ll give up everything just to be with them. Your dignity should always be more important than your relationship status.”

It’s the fact then men actually pay attention to you putting their values before yours. They do not respect that at all.compatibility. Attraction is nice but compatibility is super important.


kəmˌpadəˈbilədē/Learn to pronounce noun

  1. a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict

Yuo should not be changing your interest to fit a guys. I’ve seen someone do that and things didn’t end well.

The Ending isn’t always bad

Ometimes you both weren’t in compatible

Not all people are bad, although certain groups have bad representations. They will sometimes end things with us because they no that we arre not what they want or they are not what we want. Real men will be upfront and tell you. The author mentioned “You don’t have to look at every rejection from men as something you did wrong. We all have different wants in life”.

Let me know what you guys think. Have you changed yourself for someone else? Tell me in the comments below. Be sure you subscribe to know when the next post comes.

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