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Are low maintenance friendships worth it?

The test of friendship doesn’t come when you’re together. It comes when you part ways and you realize that despite the distance, the friendship is still there.

Low Maintenance Friendship

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Now, let’s get started. I think people are becoming lazy in relationships, and not romantic relationships. That is a different topic, I hope to get to. I am talking about friendships. You know, those relationships people do not cherish anymore.

A lot of people my age have been saying “I don’t owe you an explanation to my ghosting” or “you require too much”. When they fail to remember that relationships require work.

If you truly care about that person, put in the work to help the friendship grow. It is 100/100. You can’t just want a friend in your life when it is convenient for you. I call that a low-maintenance friendship.

What is it?

low maintenance Someone who is easy to please does not require constant pampering, attention, or gifts or things done “their way or no way”. One who is genuinely happy to enjoy the company of others. Easy-going, unselfish, and usually a joy to be around. Usually male, as most women are high maintenance.

Can’t do it all. A phone works both ways and communication is key.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been there for people that I use to call friends when I needed a shoulder to cry on, they fell short.

Life Advice

You have to keep people away from you who take, take, take, and fail to ever give. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hardcore friend. However, I would like that in return. Which is why my therapist has told me to set boundaries so I don’t get taken advantage of. Be sure to check out that post.

I just think that this generation is becoming selfish and lazy. When it comes to making friendships I am honestly tired of the laziness. I’ve gotten to the point where if I notice that you are putting little to no amount in our friendship, I will get a friendship with no remorse.

Quick storytime:

I want to have a “friend“ who I was always there for, including their relationship issues. And I can count on my fingers when she was semi-there. I wasn’t asking her to do much but listen, you know like a friendship, but her boyfriend, who treated her like super terrible came before everyone. Sometimes even before herself. I will not even mention the amount of time to cancel plans the same day by going goes. The moral of the story is I need to put the same energy and the relationships that others put in. I am no longer friends with her and I am OK with that.

Friendship goes both ways.. Maybe that’s why I give up on so many friendships because I’m sick of always being the one to reach out.

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