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7 Unwritten Girl Code Rules

7 unwritten girl code rules

If you’re a girl, it’s easy to feel like there are rules for being a good friend. You see this person in front of you and automatically think “they need me” or “I can fix them”, but it’s not always true. In fact, sometimes being friends with someone can be really difficult because as much as we want our friends to succeed at life and everything else, sometimes they make mistakes or have bad days just like us. That’s why having a girl code-type friendship is so important: even though these girls won’t always agree with each other (or even like each other), they know how important their friendships are to them! So here is my list of unwritten girl code rules:

Showing up for your friends

The most important thing you can do is be there for your friends. You might think, “I don’t have time to do that!” But if someone needs a shoulder to cry on or a shoulder to lean on, it’s your responsibility as a friend to provide that service. Don’t judge them based on their situation—they’re in pain and need your support.

You should also be an active listener when they need advice or want to talk about something important going on in their lives. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve established these unwritten rules—because sometimes people need someone who will listen without judging them too harshly (and sometimes even without knowing what’s going on).

Realising that no one is perfect and forgiving your friends for their mistakes

You can’t be a good friend if you are always on the lookout for things to take offense at.

It’s also important not to hold grudges, especially when it comes to your friends. It’s so easy for us women (and men) to get into these bad habits of feeling hurt or rejected because of something our mate said or did that we didn’t like—but this only makes them feel worse!

If there are any issues between two people, try talking things out calmly before deciding on how best move forward together as a couple/group/family etc…

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Leaving all guys at the door

The unwritten code of girls is to always leave all guys at the door. You don’t have to tell them you’re leaving, just do it. If your friend wants to hang out with a guy and you don’t, never say anything negative about it—even if they give off the vibe that they’re not into being single or that they think hooking up with a girl who is friends with another guy in their group would be awkward or weird, just let it go! They’re adults and can make their own decisions; if he seems like someone who’ll be good for her then she should date him anyway!

The best part about this unwritten rule is that it gives you more freedom than ever before because there’s no chance of any type of tension arising between yourselves because both of your priorities are clear: hanging out with our friends instead of dating someone else (or finding ourselves feeling guilty about wanting our own space).

Having each other’s back

In the context of girl code, having each other’s back means that you’re there for each other in times of need and crisis. It means being able to trust your best friend with anything and everything—even if it makes them uncomfortable or awkward. And while everyone has their own way of showing they’ve got your back (or how they’d like to show it), here are some examples:

  • If one of your friends is being bullied by someone at school or work, offer to walk her home from class or work together every day after school until she feels safe again.
  • If one of your friends has just been dumped by her boyfriend/husband/wife/etc., invite her over for dinner and spend time talking about what happened and how you can help out if needed (or even just talk about boys). This could also be done via text message!
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Living for each other and not letting your friendship fall by the wayside as you get older

As you get older and have new friends, it’s easy to forget how important your old friends are. Friendship is like a foundation—you can’t always be there for each other, but you should try to be there for them as much as possible.

Even if you’re not the best at keeping in touch with people from your childhood, there are still ways that can help keep up friendships. If someone gets into an accident or has some medical problems that require treatment from their doctor and/or hospital, don’t leave them alone; make sure they have everything they need during this time! Also if anyone ever needs any advice on anything from what clothes look best on their body type (not just face shape) down through basic household items like towels or sheets then reach out before it’s too late!

Being open and honest with your friends about everything and anything, even if it might be difficult to say

Being open and honest with your friends about everything and anything, even if it might be difficult to say.

You don’t have to tell them everything, but you should tell them what they need to know. Your friends will appreciate the honesty and trust you more because of it!

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Trust is key to any friendship but especially in a girl code-type friendship. Trusting your friends is so important.

Trust is key to any friendship, but especially in a girl code-type friendship. Trusting your friends is so important. You need to be able to trust them with your secrets and you also need to be able to trust them with your heart. When we were younger, I had two best friends at school who would do anything for me—they were my rock stars!

But then one day something happened between them and I was left out as they moved on without me. It’s so easy for girls like us who are close friends or even just acquaintances because we spend so much time together that it can become difficult sometimes when things aren’t going well between us all at once. However, if there comes a point when someone needs help from another person then it’s important that those two people stand by each other no matter what happens–even if one person doesn’t want anything bad happening between herself/himself/themselves/etcetera…

Being a good friend is hard!!

Being a good friend is hard. It’s harder than being a good daughter, wife or colleague.

And it’s even harder to be a good friend with someone who doesn’t know you very well at all.

Sometimes we feel like we’re not worth it because our friends don’t talk to us as much as they used to (or maybe ever), but that doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t important to them! If you really want to make an impact on them and help them grow into the amazing people that they can be, then try these tips:

I have so many more rules.

Get the rules of the Girl Code below! Girl Code is a free, open-source guide that shares the most important rules for being a girl – the rules that girls never even tell each other. It’s the book you give to your daughter and your friend who’s having a baby girl and they can’t stop talking about it.


We hope this article has helped you to understand some of the unwritten rules that apply when it comes to friendship. We believe strongly in being good friends, and we know that it takes time for all these friendships to develop into something more meaningful. But if one of your friends ever broke these rules or showed a lack of respect for another girl’s space, then what would you do? Would you cut them off completely or try to forgive them? The choice is yours!

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