So every girl knows that there is a girl code! Do I personally follow every rule completely? No. Because one there are exceptions and two because some of the rules are stupid.  There are certain rules I follow and some that I don’t. I’m going to give you examples of each and reasoning I agree and disagree.

Never allow your friend to walk home alone or leave with a guy she doesn’t know, especially when she’s drunk.

This is one rule that I agree with considering the world that we live in. It’s sad that I have to say that but it must be said. That fact that we live in a world where men do not understand the word “no”. Wait let me say that differently. They understand the word “no” but choose to ignore it. You and your friend arrive somewhere together, I don’t care if one is ready to go, you all leave together. Especially when there is alcohol involved. Smart decisions aren’t always made when there is alcohol involved.


Never go after your friend’s crush.


Do you know how spiteful it is for you to go after someone you call a friends crush? If you both like them but they made it know first, you have to let him decide. But that is a different situation. I am talking about your true friends that you would do anything for. Cause you know everyone likes to give the title of “friend” to just anyone. Most of my friends have different taste than me but seeing how some of the guys in my past “pretty boys”, we so attractive, I had to make in known. If my friends had gone after one knowing that, they would have lost so much respect from me.

Never fight over a boy

This is another rule I one hundred percent agree with.  You’ve heard the story of the girl coming after the other girl whom her man was involved with rather than confronting her man. Which is very stupid on the girl’s part regardless of the situation. Some of the biggest friendships that I have witnessed were ruined by a guy that eventually played both of them. Men come a dime a dozen, yet women choose to fight a ruin years of friendship because of them. And I promise you that men are aware of what they are doing.  Women need to start sticking together and get a better understanding of a situation before messing up something over a dusty man who had no good intentions in the first place.


Don’t tell each other’s secrets to outsiders, even if the friendship is over.

I have personally dealt with this. Me and this girl agreed to let a friendship end just because we were going different ways in life and had different personalities. Come to find out she was exposing my secrets to others who didn’t even know me. Trust me, I had all the ammo to “end” her but I didn’t because when we were friends I promised to keep stuff a secret and I keep my promises.


Let a girl know when her boyfriend is cheating.

I’m sorry but this is a rule that I am on the fence about. As good of a person you try to be, things can always be taken wrong. Trust me, I know multiple guys cheating on their girlfriends, do I spill the tea? No. Because one, if you tell the girl, she’s going to find a way to make it your fault. Two, he’s going to play stupid and make you look crazy. On top of that I tried to warn a girl, even coming with receipts, then she had the audacity to get upset with me and stay with the dude. Like honey, how do you look? So, I’ve stopped trying to be the super hero and saving the girl unless they are my friends, because at the end of the day, what’s done in the dark comes to the light.


Wait till your friend is inside her house before you drive away.

This is a rule both men and women should have. Especially women. You need to make sure someone you are with, gets into the house safely, just because its so dangerous these days. This action is a sign of respect and shows that you were raised right. There is nothing more to be said about this. What’s understood does not need to be explained.


Never entertain after your friends crush or ex

Look, your friend has laugh and cried through her relationship with a person. Then you start entertains him despite that? How does that sound? It sounds disrespectful to me. Anyone, I have been involved with, if you call yourself my friend, you should not entertain him. Usually guys go after the friend out of spite, and you’re falling for it. I have never seen a relationship where the friend dates the ex, to work out. Because it doesn’t and the foundation it is built on is tainted. That is a rule that every girl/ woman should understand, and if you can’t respect that, there is the door.


Always Take Her Side… Regardless of Who She’s Up Against 

This is a rule I’m hesitant about. For the simple fact that, if my friend is wrong, I’m going to tell her. I’ve done this before and will continue to. It will not be done in public but I will tell you that you are wrong. I can’t have you continue embarrassing yourself when you’re in the wrong and I expect that same energy towards me. Friends are suppose to help each other grow. But you are mistaken if you don’t think I’m not going to stick up for my friends.


Defend Your Friends In Their Absence

This is a given but most don’t understand.  Even when I’m not there put, people in their place when people are speaking on me and disrespecting me when I’m not around. That’s just common sense. And when you do tell me what happened, tell me EVERYTHING, not just bits and pieces, otherwise you’re going to have me thinking those people feel comfortable disrespecting me around you for a reason. Does that make sense?


Never Ditch Your Friends For a Boy

This has happened to me multiple times, and as soon as things went left, they tried to run back to me. Why do you feel the need to drop your friends for years for a guy you barely know? Then assume, we’re just going to be there waiting for you with open arms when things don’t turn out the way that you wanted? That’s a no from me.


Never leave your drunk friends

Have y’all ever seen those videos online in which there is a drunk girl who was recored by her “friends”, in which were laughing at her instead of helping her. Not only are you embarrassing the girl on a public platform possibly ruining job offers, her reputation,  or future relationships.  You could possibly be putting her in danger. Take care of your friend, keep her safe, and from making terrible decisions. That’s what friends are for. This rule shouldn’t even be in question.


These are just a few to list, but few fail to follow the necessary ones. Those who lack morals tend to not follow the ones dealing with morals.

Girl code.



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