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Yay for more poetry

Hey Loves, Welcome back!

It’s time for more poetry! Below you will find a couple of my favorite old poems. Let me know what you think.


A Cup of Poetry to Make Your Day

I died for Beauty – but was scarce
Adjusted in the Tomb
When One who died for Truth, was lain
In an adjoining Room –

He questioned softly “Why I failed”?
“For Beauty”, I replied –
“And I – for Truth – Themself are One –
We Bretheren, are”, He said –

And so, as Kinsmen, met a Night –
We talked between the Rooms –
Until the Moss had reached our lips –
And covered up – Our names –

This poem was inspired by a John Keats Pome “A Thing of Beauty” which was a theme of beauty and truth.  Which is focusing on what they died for ideally not what they literally died for.  For example, someone can die for honor. It’s what you are being remembered for that is not Important, nor the cause of your death. The poem expresses how your life no longer matters when you die. Emotion, accomplishments, material things, all mean nothing because you are now dead. I got the idea the Dickinson was trying to same we are all the same once we die. So, in the last minutes of the speaker and the other persons lives, the bonded over the similarities of the ideas they were thinking they died for. I think Dickinson speaks about death so casually, that it doesn’t make me scared to die. If I lived a great life, death should not be feared.

I was raised in church to think this way sort of. I was told to be a good person on Earth in order to live an eternal life in Heaven. I will be remembered for being a good person and leave my mark for others to follow. I do agree with the emotions and material things being forgotten because you can’t take those with you into heaven. This poem was so short yet very meaningful to me.

Setting yourself in the time of Annabel Lee

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“It was many and many a year ago , In a Kingdom by the see..” puts us in the setting right way. It was sort of like a fairytale story based off how it began.

These two links will help add more understanding into the poem and bring it to life.

What’s your favorite poem? Who is your favorite poet? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to follow, comment, share, and like!

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