Why you should watch the series “Wednesday” on Netflix

Wednesday On Netflix

Wednesday Addams is one of the most relatable characters on television right now. She’s normal, but also a little strange and weird in her own way. She’s always been my favorite character from The Addams Family film franchise, so I’m thrilled that Netflix has given us a chance to see more of her story. Wednesday on Netflix!

Wednesday is the most relatable character on the show.

Wednesday is the most relatable character on the show. She’s a normal teenager, with a dark sense of humor and an appreciation for her family. Her friends are often confused by her behavior, but they love her anyway—even if they don’t always understand it. As a teenage girl trying to navigate high school and its social hierarchy. While dealing with anxiety-ridden parents, she has some lessons in common with many other teens watching this show (Wednesday on Netflix):

  • Wednesday knows what makes her feel good about herself. She loves video games and singing along to songs from her favorite bands (both of which teach us how we can make our own fun). This makes sense because she’s not just any other teenager; she wants to do things that bring joy into her life!
  • Wednesday also knows what makes people uncomfortable around themselves–and those feelings might make others uncomfortable too…but sometimes it’s okay for someone else who lives differently than us does something different too! That may seem contradictory when talking about feelings like shame or embarrassment…but remember: there will always be someone else out there who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks so long as they’re happy doing whatever makes them feel good inside instead.”

Wednesday is the best character on TV right now and you should watch her show.

Wednesday is the best character on TV right now and you should watch her show. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s cool, and most importantly: relatable.

She’s also the best character in the show. If you’ve seen it yet or just read this article (which I hope you did), then congratulations! You already know who Wednesday is. I’m talking about her like she’s your friend or sister or something like that.*

But if not… well then don’t worry because we can both learn a thing or two from this amazing woman who has been through so much but still manages to have a positive attitude toward life despite all of its hardships.*

Wednesday is a character that I love and you should too. (Wednesday on Netflix)

Wednesday Addams is a great character that you should watch. She’s relatable and fun to watch, but also she’s very smart, which makes her a good role model for young girls. If you’re looking for something fun on Netflix this month, I think Wednesday would make a great addition to your list of shows!

Wednesday Addams is awesome and very #relatable.

Wednesday Addams is a real person, and she’s one of the best role models you can have. She’s a great friend, sister, and daughter—she even has her own spinoff show on Netflix!

When it comes to being relatable to people who don’t know about Wednesday Addams (and believe me there are plenty of them). I think this series does an amazing job of showing just how great life can be when you’re confident in yourself.

The plot of “Wednesday” centers around Wednesday Addams. As she heads to Nevermore Academy after being kicked out of public school for being different. Because her personality suddenly finding out dark history of her fathers past. Which creates curiosity in Wednesday would need to solve a crime an attempt to save her fathers name and reputation. Yeah ok sorry but I just couldn’t tell you too much so you can watch on your own.


If you’re a fan of “The Addams Family” and the show “Gilmore Girls”. Then Wednesday Addams is your new favorite character. She’s smart, sassy, and hilarious! I would highly recommend watching Wednesday on Netflix because she will make your life better.

So watch “Wednesday” on Netflix and let me know in the comments what you think.

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