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Why People Believed Princess Diana Was Murdered

The Queen is Dead

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, died on August 31, 1997. That was 28 years ago and still, people are talking about her murder. Can you imagine the media frenzy that would go on if a celebrity died today? It would be like nothing you’ve ever seen! But what if it were someone you actually knew and respected? Or even just liked? The world was mourning the death of this beautiful princess who had brought so much happiness to millions of people around the world.

Section: The news was shocking

People all over the world were shocked by this tragedy

Section: They all wanted justice for Princess Diana’s family, especially Charles and Camilla

Section: In many cases, these murders are solved quickly but not this one because police couldn’t find any evidence or witnesses at first which made them think it might have been an accident or maybe even suicide! Some people believed that they could “see” what happened to Princess Diana because they saw her body lying in a tunnel underneath a bridge in Paris where she died back then but now we know that wasn’t true at all. Because there are no tunnels under that bridge. So how could she have possibly gotten there unless someone else brought her there somehow?

The Official Reports

The official reports say that the driver was drunk and speeding.

The official reports say that the driver was driving too fast and not wearing a seatbelt.

Contradictions and Denials

There are a number of contradictions and denials that have arisen during this time, including:

  • The driver of the car was drunk. He later claimed that he only had one drink before going to sleep, but other witnesses say they saw him drinking all night long.
  • The driver also denied being inebriated after his arrest at 3 am on New Year’s Day 1984 by officers from Scotland Yard who came to question him about Princess Diana’s death (he said he’d been asleep). However, there are several inconsistencies in his story. For example, he claimed he had been watching television when two policemen woke him up at 4 am. Yet according to another witness who worked with him at an adjacent hotel (the “Grosvenor Carlton”), this couldn’t have happened because their shift ended at 2 am.
  • Another discrepancy concerns why police would arrest someone so early in the morning. If they believed they wouldn’t find any evidence against them; why would anyone want them there? It seems unlikely that someone would lie about such an important detail unless there was some reason behind it…
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Outlandish theories

There are a number of theories that have been put forward to explain Diana’s death. One of these is her pregnancy, which was widely rumored at the time. Another is that she was pregnant with an heir to the throne. Who would be named Prince William if he had been born into this world.

Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer has said “I think it’s quite possible she would have had a child in England.” He also said, “We know she was having an affair with Dodi Fayed when they got engaged.”

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People tend to believe conspiracy theories when they don’t trust the official reports.

Conspiracy theories tend to be more popular when people don’t trust official reports. For example, if you are told that a woman has died in a car accident.

It’s likely that you will believe what your eyes tell you about what happened. However, if someone tells you she was killed by an alien from outer space and her body was taken away by military personnel before anyone else could see it (and this evidence is shown on video). Then there is a good chance that many people would believe such an outlandish story over what they actually saw with their own eyes.

People also tend to believe conspiracy theories when they feel excluded from important information or events happening around them. For instance when there are no survivors left after some disaster hits the town or city square. In these cases where no one seems able to provide accurate information (because their job requires secrecy), many people turn toward alternative sources of information instead. Often times these sources come from far-right websites like which promotes anti-Muslim ideology as well as other extremist viewpoints such as 9/11 trutherism.”


While there is no proof that Diana was murdered, the most likely explanation is that she died in a car accident. However, this doesn’t explain why so many people believe otherwise. There are also some people who think that Diana faked her own death and that someone else took over as queen of England after her death; however, these theories are not widely accepted among experts or even non-experts alike.

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