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Do you really love him or is it about winning?

An inflated ego can lead you astray and ruin your life

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception!

Today I wanted to get real for a second. Not only real but vulnerable. Have you ever forced feelings for someone? I can’t say names, but there was a moment when I knew that a guy wasn’t right for me but seeing him be with someone else sparked something in me.

“Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space.” Diana Black

Bruised Ego or Broken heart

This is when I learned that it wasn’t necessarily something that I liked. he, but more than him leaving me was leaving my ego bruised. Just knowing he was going after a girl I’m not fond over is what killed me. Now, don’t look at me weird, but a bruised ego is much harder to heal than a broken heart, especially if it came from someone who sought after you.

To sum up my words

In conclusion

I don’t think I was necessarily hurt, but more confused as to why this person would come into my life, mess it up and then go to someone else and give them proper treatment. You know, building them up for the next person. Which in fact sucks.

What do you all think? Which took you longer to heal, your ego or heart? Let men know in the comments!

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