Why Is Pretty Privilege So Talked About?

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So, on my social media, I posted a Tik Tok of a girl speaking about pretty privilege and her experience with it. In the comments people were attacking her saying, her complaint proves her privilege. Now, I am about to give you a little hint about what it is.


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What is a pretty privilege you may ask?

Pretty Privilege

Someone who gets clout, opportunities, and becomes more successful in life because of how attractive they are

So, fortunately, I do get pretty privilege. But there are pros and cons to this privilege. This is not your ordinary white privilege. I’m going to explain both the pros and cons and help you get understanding with both sides to people being upset at pretty privilege


Pro 1: You rarely have to pay for anything

So there have been multiple instances where I got things for free just because that person found me attractive. For example, in college, I would go to the bars with a certain amount of money and return home with that same amount of money because the guys would buy me drinks.

Pro 2: People especially those of the opposite sex treat you better

A guy that one to you attractive will literally go out of his way to open the door for you, I would drink, give up his seat for you… Meanwhile all you have to do is be attractive.

Pro 3: You get away with a lot of things

Not that I condone this but, people would generally forgive someone attractive for bad characteristics easily over someone ugly. You can be rude and have a smart mouth but they deem it feisty.


Con 1: people don’t want to hang out with you because they don’t want you to get all the attention.

For example, I did have some friends who would constantly go out, but if it was to a function with someone that they like or with guys, they wouldn’t invite me because they didn’t want the attention going to me. Which was annoying because all I wanted to do was stand in there jealousy was showing.

Con 2: Men approach you even you do not want to be bothered

So, obviously, when you’re attractive, you tend to get approach a lot. But there are times where you don’t want to speak with someone so those same people will get upset with you and call you out of your name if you don’t give them the reaction that they would like. So they end up disrespecting you, when they really wanted you, just nothing to her that you gave them. Sometimes we just want to go out in public in mind our business and not speak to anybody. But entitlement of others expects us to speak to them.

Con 3: Overhype and lies

There are a lot of people who got in the position that they are in based on their luxe. When in reality everyone needs to have someone be completely honest. If I’m not talented at something I would want someone to tell me that instead of taking my luxe will get me where I need to be. For example, there are a lot of rappers who suck at rapping but it’s because they’re pretty, that’s how far they got.

Treatment of a moth and a butterfly is the quickest way to explain pretty privilege!

Therapy in cases where because of my luxe, men just wanted me basically as a trophy. Where I had more to offer than just my luck. But they didn’t want to get to know me. Then later in life, they found out that I was actually a chill and funny person. So obviously there are many pretty women out there who have more to offer than just their looks. And we appreciate those who want to get to know our personality

Most people argue and say that looks aren’t everything when in reality we all know that looks play a part in wanting to be with someone. I think it is a full package for a lot of people like me. I want someone who is both of tractive and has a great vibe.

I don’t even want to get into the discussion of pretty privilege and elders and people in your family. They will talk down on you or over sexualize you because of the way you dress or your luxe. And that’s very disgusting. That’s a different discussion for a different post and if you guys like this I will definitely write it!

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have ever experienced pretty privilege or know someone who has! Please like, comment, and share! And I look forward to seeing you all in the next post!

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