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Why he leaves you when he makes it?

If money changes you, you have a character flaw.

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Okay, let’s get real today, and let me talk about what people are afraid of saying. Do you ever wonder why when a man “makes it”, he leaves the woman who was there for him during the struggle?

Women are the Trophy

Have you noticed, that men tend to leave the woman that was down for them when they had nothing, once he gets successful? Most men will use the excuse that “she never will understand his new lifestyle”. My question is what exactly is that lifestyle? A woman who loved and supported you while you were broke will not switch up once you get this money. Yet, you want to drop her and get a woman who wants you for the money, which may not always be there. There’s that saying “How you get them, you lose them.” Honey, that isn’t just in regards to cheating.

I want to use Kevin Hart for example. As soon as he got on, it’s like he left the mother of his child because she didn’t serve him anymore.

You can’t win

Men will complain that women treat them differently when they get money. They also love the excuse, “a man can’t be loved unless he has money”. It’s like no, you had that woman that was there for you from the beginning, but you dropped her. You’re too busy trying to impress your friends with your trophy.

My Opinion

This will hurt a few feelings and egos. I believe the true answer to this topic is because he doesn’t to be reminded of who he was before he was successful. For example: How he wasn’t getting respected by his peers. Or how no one believed in him. Therefore, that woman you get after you make it isn’t truly getting to know the real you. This leads to a snowball effect of a man not getting to express himself, then he ends up resenting the trophy. He didn’t want the old woman, because she knows his story (where he came from). Let’s tell the truth.

Do you Agree?

Have you ever noticed?

A guy does not feel like he has accomplished something until he gets a certain amount of money. It’s like he’s claiming his manhood through capital advancement. So he will USE whoever is there for his struggle and then “forget” about them once he has made it. It’s very selfish.

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